Thursday, 21 October 2010

Plan B - The Venue Hunt is ON!


...After months of waiting for my roaming venue to be complete and ready to go....there are still teething problems and it is all taking longer than i had anticipated.

This is just to keep my fellow Tea Party followers in the loop...i haven't forgotten you ...and believe me...i am currently living, breathing, feeling, touching, thinking and even DREAMING everything "Tea, Cake and Tea Party"!

I am having sleepless nights wondering what i can do to make my attempt at carrot cake world famous and make everybody want to come and try a piece of my attempt at carrot cake world domination!

I am day dreaming about what fabulous piece of crockery i am going to find next to add to the table!

I also now have more and more additions to my mailing list (On a daily basis) and this is growing and growing before i have even started, so i am dead chuffed with myself...who would have thought it....Miss Sue Flay has FINALLY found her place in life!


I am currently in talks with a few venues accross Cambridgeshire, 2 of which i am very close to wanting to book, so watch this space wannabe-guests!...... Your time to join me is very very close now : )

Keep reading.... and hopefully we shall meet very soon!

In the meantime...I shall keep tasting different tea and pretending i know which one i like the best...and well.....cake tasting continues....of course! (It's such a hard life, it really is!)

Miss Sue Flay



  1. Don't get discouraged! I was going to have a tea in my back yard garden last summer. I suddenly was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had to go thru a ton of tests. I finally had the tea this August andraised $500.00 for an orphanage in Uganda. YOURS WILL HAPPEN TOO! Also, it took me alot longer to make the chair cover sets than I thought it would but i got 24 sets done in a year!

  2. WOW well done, that is AMAZING : )
    You must be so proud of yourself!

    I now have my venue... you were right ; )

    Now to make it up all lovely and put my stamp on all things tea party! : ) Exciting stuff! hehe x