Sunday, 4 September 2011

REVIEW: The Buns Are Back In Town At Fitzbillies !

That's right folks.. 
If you haven't heard it already, Fitzbillies is back with a refreshingly subtle reopening in Cambridge at the same spot it has always been on Trumpington Street.  
Fitzbillies is the bakery that myself and Mister Flay would take a stroll down to when we fancied something sweet and naughty back when we used to go on little dates together (Doesn't happen as much recently, so we took the opportunity to relive those days last week : ) 

Their Chelsea Buns are irresistible and their Coffee Choux buns are a must with their sticky brown topping and the oozing cream filling in the centre. I am pleased to see that both have been brought back to the counter, hurrah! They are just as we remembered them back in the day. 
It feels like forever since I last had one of those famous Chelsea Buns in all their sticky glory... And what's even better still is that there is now a savoury version of this baby in the form of a Cheesy Bun... It's a Chelsea Bun in appearance, however it tastes like a cheese straw... It's amazing, take my word for it - especially when caught fresh out of the oven! 

I can proudly say I have visited twice since they re opened those bakery doors! Hehe
Once on opening day with my lovely Twitter friends (Sarah A & Sarah CP!) where we enjoyed a chat with the new owners, Tim & Alison and a tour around the kitchen as well as a good old drool over those fresh buns being soaked in syrup, straight from the ovens -  What a privilege & a tease all in one. 
In fact, I did something I usually never do and that was have two coffees whilst I was there, which is not a good idea for me, as I NEVER drink coffee, and I had the most manic afternoon of buzzing around the house with a hoover followed by a fast crash and burn straight afterwards haha.... But it was worth it, the barista knew her stuff and the coffee was strong and perfect alongside my sweet treats (I know how passionate Tim was to get the coffee right, and the tea making is an art, as he also taught us : ) 

The second visit was over bank holiday weekend, after reading their tweets on the delicious sounding Bacon Roll with Rosie's Plum Ketchup (I must go and try this one day, sounds right up my street!) we bought our Cheesy Buns, Mister had a really good Sausage Roll (Pastry was buttery and naughty in every way) and of course the Coffee Choux Bun to enjoy at home later (It didn't last long!)

What's really fun and exciting about the re-opening is that the Fitzbillies Kitchen are playing around with all sorts of recipes and menus (Old and new!) and making this place somewhere that will be different every time you walk through the door.
They have done their landlords, Pembroke College proud... In fact, they have done Cambridge proud. 
 It's so refreshing not to be handed a menu that will be with us until the dawn of time... 
They have a fantastic team working there and it's going to be the place to go for a
 buzzing atmosphere come rain or shine, mark my words.

Miss Sue Flay 

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