Wednesday 17 August 2011

I Love My Jam Lady

Since last December, there has been one wonderful constant in all of my baking and tea parties.... Deborah, My AMAZING and personal jam lady at Hardwick Cakes & Celebrations.

I met Deborah at a Xmas fair last December in a very cold village hall and she has been by far one of the best contacts I have made since starting up my cake related adventures. 

I started falling in love with her jams with my xmas fair purchase of a scrumptious sounding Peach & Amaretto Preserve and it was just to die for, like no jam I had ever sampled before. I went back to her a week later with the card she had given me there and bought 3 more jars of the peachy goodness for my trial Xmas Tea Party with friends and family. It went perfectly in puff pastry parcels, and even better warm straight from the oven. 

Ever since then, Deborah's Jams and Preserves as well as some custom made chutneys have been produced to meet my desires and tailor made to match my menu choices. I can tell her what type of scone I am planning to bake, and she superbly matches these with the most delicious flavours that work more perfectly with my goodies than I could ever do myself. She prides herself on using seasonal fruit from her mums garden and if she can't get it, she won't make it. 

 I honestly can't rate this girl enough... She works full time and is a young mum and still does this for me... I love her to bits and I am always telling my guests who makes these locally sourced products... I just hadn't yet told you all who this woman is, mainly because I almost don't want to give her to you hehe... I want to keep her all to myself, but I don't think that is very fair ; ) 

Just some of the products that Deborah has designed and made for me are the following: 

Red Onion Marmalade, which appeared at The Punting & Picnic Tea Party 

Rhubarb & Apple Jam teamed up with my Caramelized Pecan Scones at the Vintage Tea Party

Forest Berry Jam, which makes the most amazing addition to a Victoria Sponge 

Spiced Plum Nut Jam, the perfect match for my Book Club Streusel-topped scones

Apricot & Amaretto, which makes a fruity layer cake with vanilla buttercream (Perfect for the Cath Kidston Cambridge Crafting Team this week! They LOVED it : ) 

Every Single one of these flavours have gone down a storm with my guests, and I plan to keep using Deborah for my tea parties and cake menus, because she is the nicest person I have met and nothing is impossible or too much to ask of her. She even delivers to my door when she passes through... I am always happy to collect, but she drops it to me every time - A real star! 

Needless to say, I am never disappointed with these jars of sweet sugary goodness, and I suggest that if you are looking to find a local Jam provider, Deborah is your woman as well as mine!

You can contact her at: 
and don't forget to mention you heard about her through Miss Sue Flay ; ) 


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