Monday 23 April 2012

Romantic Afternoon Tea Photo Shoot With Debbie Wallwork Photography

In early February, the day it snowed and was so cold it would make your toes go blue and your breath freeze with every mouthful of cake you took in the open air, I took part in a romantic valentines and engagement inspired photo shoot where our toes did indeed go blue and our breath did freeze with every mouthful!... hehe

But it was worth it!

My lovely friend, Debbie Wallwork, had asked me to put on an afternoon tea spread for a romantic photo shoot she was planning, involving my delicious afternoon tea treats as part of the shoot. Naturally, I agreed and as cold as it was, we got some stunning photos and the beautiful Cambridgeshire farm that we used was perfect for the event. Even though it looked like a spring morning, it truly wasn't.

My best friends, Pete and Ellie, agreed to take part in the photo shoot for Debbie, as we wanted a *Real* Couple and no fake models in the pictures. I am so glad they did come along and persevere with us and I can’t thank them enough, we all had such a giggle and Debbie’s lovely partner in crime fuelled us all with hot Ribena and lot’s of gloves and hats to keep us warm, which was more than welcomed : )

Debbie Wallwork Photography specialises in wedding and event photography, as well as boudoir and even beautiful new born baby photo shoots. Her photos are beautiful and she did The Secluded Tea Party proud with her camera on this very cold day. She encouraged a few engagement style photos as well as some very fun pictures with the happily married couple, of which I think they both enjoyed as much as we did.

My Sparkling Jam Jar Drinks went down well with the happy couple whilst they got to explore the straw bale Tea Party table and enjoyed playing with all the goodies laid out for them to tuck into.

Pete was nervous before this morning, telling Debbie that every time he has his photo taken he closes his eyes, thinking it could be the flash that put him off when he was younger and has always stuck with him. She calmly taught him a few tricks and it worked a treat, he was happy as larry after this and got stuck into it all with real enthusiasm, I am so chuffed that both him and Ellie enjoyed this, they were so much fun.

As a real couple or group wanting to have their own photo shoot similar to this, we can arrange this sort of set up at a venue of your choice or at one of our preferred venues to make it as pretty or as traditional as you like, so do consider it as a relaxing way to get used to the camera and have some fun with it.

You can even have some live music playing in the background to calm those nerves and make it feel really special, as we did for this couple. It was a home away from home... even it was -5 degrees hehe.

To enquire or book your very own engagement shoot (HOW romantic would it be to have a lovely lady or gent arrange this in order to actually propose to their loved one?!) or as a hen party photo shoot or even just with friends, family or loved ones... It's a fantastic experience, complete with tea and cake!

Just email Miss Sue flay at

And to see a sneak peak into a few more of the photos....

Miss Sue Flay


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