Friday 20 July 2012

The Rise Of Pop-Up Tea Parties

.... And hopefully not the fall of them either ; ) 

I am thrilled to bits to have a mention this week on the Jordan’s Cereals Blog. They have been looking into the rise of the Pop-Up Afternoon Tea Party and I’m a very lucky lady indeed to be listed on their write ups
: )

I had a chat with the lovely Cate who wrote this fabulous post and it was so interesting to hear just how many are actually popping up around the country and I absolutely LOVE the look of The Queen of Tart’s secret parlour based in Scotland, as well as Pippa’s pop-up tea room in Kent.

I mean for goodness sake, what afternoon tea lover would turn down a glass of Rhubarb Fizz or Elderflower Champagne (my personal FAVE!)?!... Or the opportunity to indulge in a peaceful and clandestine location whilst nibbling on individual trifles or warm, homemade scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream. It’s a once a month treat for myself and one that I look forward to, so these lovely locations are now on my list to visit when I am travelling anywhere near to these areas in the near future.

I am also a sucker for Jordan’s as a company, not just for their lovely products, but for so many happy childhood memories of this oaty brand. If you didn’t know, they are actually a local company to us here in Cambridge, just a drive away in Biggleswade (Bedfordshire) and literally 10 miles down the road from the farm that I grew up on. My dad used to take myself and my sister to this small market town on a Sunday morning for car boot sale bargains and Swimming in their leisure pool, allowing us all to escape from the chores that Sunday (and my lovely house proud mummy : ) brought at home hehe. (I wasn’t a huge fan of swimming, whereas my sister partook in lessons and did really well, however, if it meant I could escape hoovering and dusting duties... RESULT : )

Dad used to take us to the Jordan’s Mills to buy bits and bobs from their farm shop with our pocket money as a treat and I often drive past there now on the way to one of my good friends’ houses and smile when I pass it. It makes me proud to live in this area, seeing a thriving family run business is always nice to see lately and it always offered a nice Sunday morning out for me and my sister growing up, so I was geekily excited to hear I was appearing on their website with The Secluded Tea Party : )

Why not get yourself down there? Shuttleworth Old Warden Park is one reason to head that way for a lazy afternoon one weekend, followed by a pot of tea at Southill Village Stores & Tearoom which I can highly rate for a cute location in the Bedfordshire Countryside, before heading back past Jordan's for a nosey and a few treats in the shopping basket.

However, if you can't get over there, you can buy lots of their products in most shops and supermarkets and I can't think of any other reason to get dreaming up tasty Flapjack recipes and that idea takes me back to my FIRST ever recipe I tried out myself.

I found this very cute cookery book at a Brownies Jumble sale, when I was all *butter wouldn't melt* Girl Guikding material (Yeah, right ; ) and couldn't resist taking it home and making my teddies a little picnic and making this flapjack with my mum. It makes me chuckle looking back at it, however, laugh as I may, I still use this recipe for a basic and tasty Flapjack recipe should I ever crave it.....

Flapjacks - Brownies' Style! *


4oz butter
 4oz soft brown sugar
8oz porridge oats
2 tablespoons golden syrup
Pinch of salt 
(Add fruit or chocolate chips for a more interesting mix, but the plain classic is 
always best for a good old fashioned buttery and oaty flapjack : )

Tools (Ask Mummy's permission first!) : 

Saucepan, Wooden Spoon, Square Baking Tin


1) Rub the baking tin all over with buttery paper

2) Melt the sugar, butter and golden syrup slowly in the saucepan. Add the porridge oats, mixing all the time. Stir them all together. 

3) Put the mixture in the baking tin and cook on a medium oven (160*c) for 20 minutes. 
When cool cut into squares and enjoy.

To view the pop-up tea room feature on the Jordan's blog, click here.

Miss Sue Flay

* Recipe from The Brownie Cookbook written by Verily Anderson. 

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