Tuesday 20 November 2012

Clandestine Cake Club - Where You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It

So this week I have been part of the local Cambridge Evening News in the form of an article written about the free cake club that I help to host in Cambridge with my new fabulous co-host, the lovely Deepa at LazyGiraffe Jewellery & Food Blog.
Deepa has been a huge support all the way through The Secluded Tea Party (She came to my very first tea party) and has also been a follower of this newer project that I have been involved in, The Clandestine Cake Club.She also had the fab idea for our last Cake Club, which had a "Great British Bake Off" theme to it, she's a star!

In fact, Deepa is a keen food blogger and lover and I often go to her lovely blog for recipe inspiration of a dull weekend (Not that I get many of those lately hehe) and last weekend, I made one of her cookie recipes for a Bonfire weekend pick-me-up... oh my goodness they were amazing. I love her tried and tested recipes and I know you will too, so do check out her blog : )

We are both now joining forces to co-host the Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club (With over 150 clubs and growing nationwide, this is a cake meet not to be missed!) with our next one being next Saturday 24th November on Mill Road in Central Cambridge. 

Details of this event can be found here and a couple of seats left for this exclusive event which we are joining forces with a new Vintage Clothing Sale called “Cambridge Off The Rails” – A shopping and cake spree we cannot wait to be part of hehe!
More info on the "Off the Rails" event here

We were very lucky at the last Clandestine Cake Club to be joined by the lovely Leanne from the Cambridge Evening News, where she wrote up this article to do us proud. We are looking for new members, with nearly 100 in Cambridge and growing rapidly!... Come and join us, if you love baking, cake, talking about cake, eating about cake, or just fancy a giggle and a new experience over a cuppa, it’s free... find out more here, no matter where in the country you are, there is likely to be a CCC near to you!

Click here for Leanne’s fantastic article & to see her GORGEOUS Egg-Free Victoria Sponge that she baked especially for the event, hosted at Greens Coffee & Co, Cambourne a few weeks back. .

Viva La Layer Cake!

 Miss Sue Flay


For more information on the CCC, visit www.clandestinecakeclub.co.uk

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