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Tea Guest: A Healthy Dose Of Food-Based Film In Your Life

Introducing a Guest post from a friend of The Secluded Tea Party, the lovely Adam Barker, a fellow food lover and film fanatic - He has an interesting outlook on films!

Over to Adam...  

Being a massive film fan I’ve always looked to them for advice. I know that sounds a little bit silly, but it’s true. I trust films; they help me out when I need help. If I’m feeling down I can put on a comedy to snap me out of it, If I’m feeling scared or worried I can put on a cheerful film to put my mind at rest and so on. Films have this ability to give you everything you need for every part of your daily life, a little like the three main food groups! 

OK, stick with me here, after all Miss Sue Flays' blog is all about food and all. 
  Let me explain how getting the right balance of film into your daily life can improve your appreciation for the art form. Let’s have a quick reminder of the Three main food groups shall we?
·         Carbohydrates: Involves sugars and starch. Releasing slow energy to the body in order to keep going. Too many carbs and not enough exercise can turn to fat and that’s not good - You need to find the right balance.
·         Fats: A healthy balance of fats is good to keep your body warm as it stores most of it. As we all know too many saturated fats can be dangerous & extremely bad for you. Not something to indulge in.
·         Proteins: Your fuel. Needed to keep your body in good condition. Not enough fuel can leave you weak, a little like not putting enough petrol into your car. Your body needs enough daily protein to keep steady, but too much can be considered unnecessary and indulgent to some.
I’m not a health expert so excuse to blatant blagging, if you are offended by a fat man’s attempt to explain the nutritional values of food then I apologise, I got most of it off Google.

Right, that out of the way, I hear you ask “What are you talking about you strange little man?” Well, let me explain my reasoning for this post. Like the three groups written above, you need a decent balance of them in your daily life to fully reap the benefits from them. The same could be said about films in general. 
Below is the three films grouping that you should all take note of and apply to your daily life.

    Carb Films: These Films involve lots of sugary scenes and starchy characters. The film usually involves lots of energetic moments released throughout, without much build up. This would include lots of “Action Movies” and “Horror Movies”. Characters that are often poorly described and filled out with chunks of dialogue to bridge to gap to the next energetic chase scene or fight scene. Too much of these types of films can cause your brain to be accustomed to undeveloped plot points, characters and predictable narrative. Over time if you only indulge in "Carb Films" then your film health could be damaging.

Examples of Carb Films: “Transformers” “My Bloody Valentine” “Fast and The Furious”

·         Fatty Films: These Films involve lots of warmth, cosiness and comforting. Most of these films will give you a nice dose of turn your brain off, sit back and enjoy cheesiness. You will experience lots of cheesy expedition, corny dialogue and feel good scenarios that will leave you content and happy for a short period. This would include “Laugh out Loud Comedies” and “Romantic Comedies” as well as “Chick Flicks”. Often used as a source of comforting, too much "Fatty Films" exposure can completely ruin your film health. If indulged too much, then your brain and imagination will begin to believe that every relationship has a happy ending, every best friend who is a guy will be the perfect boyfriend, every trip to the airport will result in a romantic embrace and Hugh Grant is indeed your dream man. Take these films carefully. Have a healthy balance else your film health will suffer and then delusion can easily creep in.

Examples of Fatty Films: “Bridget Jones Diary” “Love Actually” “Pretty Woman” “Sex and The City Movie”

·         Pro Films: Everybody needs a good dose of "Pro Films" in their film diet. These films will involve a lot of brain teasing questions, intelligent and thought provoking situations and clever twists to keep you going. The sort of films involved in this would be “Edge of your Seat Thrillers”, dramas as well as the odd documentary. These films are used as a source of informative stimulant, much needed entertainment that keeps your brain going long after the film is over. Not enough of these types of films can cause your film health to be weak and struggle to appreciate the art of film to its fullest. But be careful, as too much can also cause you to become a film snob and potentially a pompous film goer, not allowing anybody else to express their opinions and causing you to suddenly fall out of love with film entertainment and maybe begin to resent them.

Examples of Pro Films: “CatFish” “The Sixth Sense” “There will be blood” “The Artist” , any Art-house movie or Foreign Films

So hopefully with a healthy balance of all three groups you can begin to love and enjoy lots of different types of film. Use this next time you’re planning to watch a film. Sit down and see what sort of fix you need. Don’t be afraid to try new things and indulge yourself from time to time. But remember if you sit down and watch a marathon of Michael Bay films, why not  balance it out with a healthy dose of Paul Thomas Anderson films - you may just start to improve your film health.

Adam Barker @BarkerPodcasts

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