Friday, 20 March 2015

Cambridge Blogging Events - Cocktails & Mocktails

Last summer saw me visiting lots of different blogging events, but, they were all mainly in London - such as Blogcademy and the #BloggersFestival both of which were amazing events for blog geekery and networking. I came back from these events feeling more than inspired, however, life got in the way - work got super busy and my personal life became a little messy, so I took some time out and plotted some plans. And kept plotting and plotting... Cambridge Blogging Events - Cocktails & Mocktails It's now nearly Easter and I've still not launched my "Blog Cambridge" event - tut tut... However, Cambridge is getting very exciting and bloggers are starting to pop up everywhere, it's fantastic to see. Long gone are the days where all the bloggers in Cambridge knew each other and could sit around a table together to talk about this "mystical" blogging that nobody else seemed to understand - there's a whole world of new bloggers out there within every aspect of life you could imagine. Blogging is exciting and so is the community around it. I've been blogging for over 6 years now and I am not even close to tiring of it, it's a real passion, one that has made me truly amazing friends and partnerships and helped me through some awesome times, as well as the lower moments in life. I adore the blogging world. Cambridge Blogging Events - Cocktails & Mocktails Recently I visited the Cambridge Meet Up hosted by Phillipa at Clashing Time, where a room full of 50 bloggers got together to geek out, drink amazing non-alcoholic cocktails at Vodka Revolution in town and enjoy an afternoon of being pampered with goodies galore. Our stylish hostess did an amazing job of getting everybody together and of entertaining her guests for the afternoon, including guest speakers to help bloggers with SEO and social media advice, even the offer of local writing opportunities on offer to anyone wanting to review for a little cash. The goodie bag included brands such as Sniffy Wiffy, Hairy Jane, Lush, L'Occitane, Neals Yard Remedies, Belvoir, Lisa Angel, Jilly Jilly, Claireabellemakes, Chocolat Chocolat (my favourite chocolate brand in town, yum!), Kettle Chips and Coppa Feel. Cambridge Blogging Events - Cocktails & Mocktails Not only this inspiring event, I recently had an invitation to take a "plus one" to The Snug at the Grafton Centre in Cambridge last week for a cocktail making evening. This fantastic venue for affordable food & drink with a side of live sports on the TV is also the perfect place to go for a lesson in mixology. So off I headed on a chilly Thursday night with my lovely friend Kassia to join a table of local bloggers to sample cocktails, including a Lychee & Strawberry Mojito (my twist on this classic that won the "cocktail of the night" wahoo) and an Espresso Martini- my fave cocktail! If you book a cocktail making party at The Snug, you are also provided with fantastic platters, of which we got to sample - well, I say sample... there was almost a whole platter per person at this bloggers' night... not that we were complaining! Cambridge Blogging Events - Cocktails & Mocktails With a mix of meat or vegetarian platters, the mexican-inspired nibbles were delicious and I couldn't get enough of the little sweet pieces of chorizo or the mini quesadillas oozing with cheesy goodness. Oh my god they were actually worth going for alone... can you tell I hadn't had cheese for a while?! Here's a little video I made of the night, I think it'll do the event more justice than my words can do today... Just to be clear, it was The Snug at the Grafton Centre and not Lensfield Road (as I said in my video, oops!) - although that venue is also very cite (snug!) and has done me proud for previous events, so check them out too! Cambridge Blogging Events - Cocktails & Mocktails Cambridge Spotlight: The Snug (Video Postcard)  [youtube height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"][/youtube] MSF Miss Sue Flay logo Green Brush

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