Wednesday 23 March 2011

It's all Scone Wrong......!

So... What comes first?.... 
... The Jam OR The Clotted Cream? 

I am not sure that I know anybody who knows the answer to this question.....I am not even convinced that there is a correct answer... But I thought it would be fun to research and get messy trying out the variations for that perfect topping on my delicious warm scones!

Cream teas can be found at most tourist hot spots....and searching for the most fabulous of those is a whole different subject for another day perhaps!....
But in researching cream teas...I was shocked to see that in some establishments, the cream has been spotted to be dispensed from a can!!! A CAN???!!!....GRIM!!!..... How could they do that to us?!

Real British Clotted Cream is the ONLY way forward in my mind!!!...

So how do you eat yours?.... Do you smother the cream on first, giving it the lovely thick layer to host that generous dollop of jam on top?....

Or do you smooth some of the jam on first and then crush it with huge lashings of creamy goodness?

In my geeky research...well.... there seems to be a worrying divide between the Cornish and Devonian Scone eaters (An all out cake-related war right here in Blighty!)......

If you go for Cream on top, then you are seemingly, following the Cornish method of this process.....

However... if you head for the jam second, then you are siding with the lovely people of Devon!.... Apparently!

Who says this?...I am not really just seems to be general bloggers knowledge... And as I am not feeling particularly argumentative today, I shall go with this tried and seemingly tested scone law!..... If you would like to argue with me, then do feel free!....

What has made me chuckle is reading an article where Nick Rodda (Of Cornish territory) is quoted in saying:  "The cornish make their cream better, and as my grandfather always jokingly said *We always put our cream on the top because we are proud of it, Devonians are slightly ashamed of theirs, so they cover it up with their jam* but that's a little bit of tongue in cheek rivalry!"

You have to love the British sense of humour in these matters!

I have also found that Black Treacle and Clotted Cream is a combination enjoyed by many...and I am not sure that this would work for me personally...Perhaps one to try in the future!....But even my sweet tooth has to say no sometimes!......Just sometimes!....

The Ritz, In London have been quoted as saying that they prefer to encourage the *Jam, and then Cream* option as a traditional method of preparing scones.
I wonder why this is...more lady like perhaps?..... Hmmmm
It also reminded that butter can be spread first, although most certainly reserved for the more indulgent afternoon tea participant.

I do feel that some physical testing is in order!

I shall firstly try the Cornish method .... So..... Jam first.....Followed by a lovely dollop of Cream.......

Leave that aside for a moment..... It takes a few minutes to make you realise if this was a mistake or not...will it run, will it stay put?..... There is a lot of chemistry in this exercise!

And followed by The Devonshire method....So..... The cream first...followed by some jam....  (Using the same ingredients of course!....)

To be completely honest with you.... I feel that personally they both look good....They both taste exactly the same..... But what I am sure of, is that this seemingly pointless debate will never be over, however, it has been fantastic fun researching!

Let me know your thoughts and feelings on the subject!

And do you have experience in this methodic testing process? 
...If so, get in touch! hehe



  1. It all Looks yummy! Jam first everytime

  2. Yum! I would love to have one either way! But if I really think about it, I always put the cream first...not sure why but I just do. Have a lovely day!

  3. I need a scone now! has to be jam then cream x

  4. I have found that jam on top does weigh it down and push the cream off... There really is a science to it all ; )