Monday 13 June 2011

REVIEW: Greens Coffee Shop, Cambourne

Last week I booked myself a few days off from my day job and enjoyed some great weather, offering me the chance to relax, get on top of some of those chores that I have been putting off and given the chance to catch up with friends and family. 

It was only 3 days, but it felt like a week! It was pure bliss.

On my last day, naturally, I had the end-of-holiday-blues and decided to enjoy a lovely long walk around Cambourne and it's nature reserves with my dad and the pup.
The sun came out and I actually came out in a heat rash by the end of it, lovely.

Of course, a 1 hour walk with your nature-loving old man, never ends up being exactly that. Nope. more like a 2 hour stop and start tour all over the place... Walking along one trail I would hear *Stop, stop, stop.... Cherry trees through here!*... And off he would stomp through the (wilderness?!), sniffing out the tiniest cherries I have ever seen! Amazing.

Continuing on, a little while later I would get another *Stop, Hang on a minute..... Look... look at this... Come here....*.... Pointing to the minutest, teeniest, tiniest little stump on a tree in the middle of a field, way off the beaten track.
Asking him what it is, as of course, that is what he wants you to do... he then proudly tells me that in a few years time this will be a huge hanging wonderment of mistletoe... all being well. 
My dad is obsessed with growing mistletoe. 

It's always so cryptic with my father. But we all know what he means. Worryingly.
He throws seeds in random places in the vain hope that some bizarre flower will grow in that place a few years later. It usually does, and gets pointed out on a walk or a drive ; )
He has been known to take cuttings and green-fingerdly *glue* them to trees, in the vain hope that the birds will help make this seasonal plant?/flower? grow!

Simple things. You gotta love him for this! Hehe. 
And the pup loves his random excursions as he can stop and have a rest whilst dad is poking around in a hedge or an overgrown field, as you can see.....

It was actually a lovely walk and we saw some really pretty daytime moths, even a kestrel eating a squirrel... lovely. 

As a treat, when we finally made it home, I decided to pop down to my local coffee shop, Greens Coffee and Co, who I am always raving about to people, purely because their customer service is second to none!
A friendly smile from ANY team member serving, GREAT food, more importantly - GREAT cake, and a new and fab selection of coffees, teas and now even iced teas. My new favourite beverage! Especially their refreshing Jasmine & Lime Iced Tea. 

Julie and her team celebrated their first year in Cambourne a couple of weeks ago, and long may they reign.
They have a fantastic space, inside and out, and it's the best place to head to when you need a refreshing brew and a flick of a magazine or a catch up with friends.

My personal joy with popping in here at any time of the week, is that I will always bump into somebody I know, being such a small community here!
In fact, today I actually bumped into 4 people I knew, so not much work got done on my laptop whilst I was there hehe.
Free Wifi is another blessing... Or excuse to visit, if you need another one!

I would also turn down a Starbucks Blend for one of Greens Iced Coffees ANY day!
Their Toffee flavoured Iced Frappe is especially good... Even mister Flay favours these..and he is a Starbucks FIEND : ) 

If you haven't been to Greens Coffee and Co, I suggest you get your rear down there now!
And if you do pop in, let me know beforehand, and If I am around, I will gladly use it as an excuse to pop down for a chin wag. 

Miss Sue Flay  


  1. Lovely blog! Really enjoyed reading it - and your father sounds delightful. xx

  2. Great post! We left Cambourne just when the coffee shop opened so we never got to sample it!

  3. Aww come back to Cambourne for a cuppa one weekend missy!
    Henny, my dad would love you hehe x

  4. Lovely post. You dad sounds lovely :) I too love Greens, ive spent many a morning sitting watching the world go by! x

  5. Bless him... He loves his walks!.... He can often be seen plodding around Cambourne and getting his paper from Morrisons with the Pup in tow : )