Wednesday 27 February 2013

How To Make The Perfect Egg & Cress Sandwich

I don’t know about you, but sometimes you can really just crave a simple finger sandwich!

If I am home alone, I won’t usually make myself lunch (naughty I know!) as it always seems like so much effort just for me, so if I get hungry for something easy, I do usually crave a good old Egg Mayonnaise & Cress Sandwich.

I’ve perfected this British favourite over the years, it’s a firm favourite with the mister and his egg mayonnaise making skills are *Almost* as great as my own – almost!

I’m often found having this as a Sunday night treat after a long pup walk, weirdly with a bag of Walker’s Cheese & Onion crisps alongside it, it’s not the same without these oddly and I’ve no idea where that tradition/ flavour combination came from - nowt as queer as folk eh?!

For an easy weekend treat, I want to share with you my favourite recipe for this British classic, the sandwich that may not have been one of Lord Sandwiches favourite fillings, but he helped to create it regardless, somewhere along the lines : )

The Egg Mayonnaise & Cress Sandwich

For me, the plain white square loaf is best... sorry to say it, some will shout at me for this, but the cheaper the better for this particular indulgence so as not to distract from the flavours of your filling.

But, if you want to rebel, go for brown, or even wholemeal if you prefer... you crazy cat!

For mayonnaise in this sandwich, I tend to prefer full fat, only because it’s a thicker consistency than low fat and holds its own within the sandwich. Low fat tends to not last as well or for long if making the filling up beforehand.

The key to a good cut of cute & addictive finger sandwiches is a good sharp knife, to ensure that no oozing or flattening occurs whilst slicing these beauties. The egg filling can get messy, so be prepared to do a bit of tidying up here and there if preparing for guests.

The other trick is to make these into open top sandwiches, using a scone or cookie cutter to cut shapes out of your bread, or use homemade bread rolls and cut them into halves, just topping them with your mixture, not sandwiching them. They feel and look very grown up at your tea party, so this can also be fun from a presentation perspective.

Here, I share my favourite combination for you to sit down and enjoy with a good strong cup of tea (or a bag of cheese & onion crisps if you are as classy as myself)

This recipe is based on just 1 person, however, if you want to make it for more people, just multiply it accordingly, you won’t want to be too sparing with this, it’s too good to not have a good fillings worth and if you have too much leftover, just enjoy the remainder the next day.

Miss Sue Flays Egg & Cress Finger Sandwich Recipe

2 Slices white bread

2 medium sized eggs

2 tbsp Mayonnaise (I use Hellmans)

1 tbsp salad cream dressing (I use Heinz)

1 good handful of Cress

Knob of slightly salted butter or margarine

Salt & Pepper to season

Put the eggs in a pan of cold water and bring to the boil, simmering for 10-12 minutes until hard boiled. 

Drain the eggs and leave under cool, running water until cold. Once cold, shell and rinse the eggs and mash roughly with a fork - You still want a bite, so not too hard on the mashing!

Stir in the mayonnaise followed by the Salad Cream and seasoning to taste. 

Snip in a handful of cress and mix well, you want a bite of cress with your egg mixture.

Butter your bread and then fill one slice with a nice thick layer of your mixture, going right up to the crusts, top with a second slice of bread and press down ever so slightly.  

Use a sharp knife to cut away the crusts and then cut into 3 rectangular finger sandwiches or 4 squares or triangles... get creative with your sandwich shapes, go wild.

This mixture can be made up a few hours before using, but try to put on the bread freshly and just before you need it, otherwise it can go soggy very quickly and nobody likes soggy bottoms, nobody!

And forget the garnishes & finishing touches for a pretty picture, Just get your bum on the sofa or at the kitchen table with a cuppa and enjoy some well deserved “Me Time”...

I just hope this inspires my fellow afternoon tea lovers : )

Perhaps you make your egg sandwich differently?

Do share with a comment below to inspire.

Miss Sue Flay

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  1. Try a small touch of colemans English mustard to the mix- adds a brilliant yet subtle piquancy