Monday, 24 June 2013

7 Positive Changes #1

It's the start of a new week and time to think positively for a great 7 days ahead... First things first, brew a pot of tea with me and decide on 7 positive changes you can make this week, mine are as follows: Miss Sue Flay 1. Exercise. Today. Not tomorrow. Not on Friday. Today! Get the dog walked, hop on your bike, grab an aerobics DVD or even pop the Xbox or Wii on to get moving. 2. Eat well & drink more water. As easy as it sounds, I've now started to graze on much more fruit drink more water since making my own spare bedroom into an office, as sat on the sofa, I couldn't balance a glass of water! I top up small bowl of freshly prepared fruit and a cake fork and I pick as I work as well as a litre bottle of water at least once a day and try to get through it.  My skin is better for it too. 3. Have a spring clean. Move the furniture around and make your living spaces a pleasure to spend time in. The times I sit there and wonder what the lounge would look like with the coffee table in a different position... Simply try it. Buy yourself some flowers to adorn your coffee table or window ledge, who needs to wait to be bought them by somebody else?! 4. Bake. There is nothing more therapeutic than baking for yourself on a chilly day. I rarely have cravings at the moment, but yesterday I made some fruit scones with natural yoghurt and a slither of butter in the mix and enjoyed them warm from the oven. Best taste ever, you can't beat it! Or why not learn to bake with Miss Sue Flay?! Positive Changes 5. Be a kid for a while. Sometimes you just have to jump on that swing as you walk through the play park. Do it and put an instant smile on your face, who cares what others think of you?! I have also been on the hunt for antique cake tongues, with my dad finally finding me a pair this weekend. So, I've been playing tea parties, naturally ; ) 6. Learn to get the most out of my laptop. The Apple store in Cambridge runs free workshops to help you get the best out of their products both for personal and business use. I have signed myself up to 3 courses, one after the other this week including how to "discover my ipad"... I have one, but do I get the best out of it? 7. Get out and meet new people. I have decided to try to say yes a lot more and that means going to events, openings and networks when invited. This week I have been asked to go to a networking event at an art gallery. I collect art (very occasionally) and love looking at it, so it's a no brainer really! It's great to meet new people, of which I like to do all the time, so who knows what interesting characters I will meet this week?... Have a great week and do share your 5 positive plans this week... What are yours? Miss Sue Flay Miss Sue Flay

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