Monday, 10 June 2013

Afternoon Tea Baking In Your Own Home - Maria's Lesson

After 3 years of very successful and fun Afternoon Tea events, I am now offering up my Afternoon Tea Baking expertise in the form of my new Baking School.. in your very OWN home. You can read all about my personally designed Afternoon Tea baking lessons here. Baking Lessons Miss Sue Flay I plan to be your very own "Fairy Cake Mother" - Resting by your side with a cuppa in hand showing you how to bake, but letting you do it all... you may even surprise yourself. In fact, I promise you that you will, I've had various people tell me that they "can't bake", I've popped over with my baking kit and they have made cakes to rival my own. It's a fantastic feeling knowing I can help you to do just that. I find that with many baking lessons I've been to, the tutor does some of the work for you, then you come home scratching your head, wondering how on earth they did a particular part, then making you worry whole heartedly that you've gone wrong somewhere along the line and lose your confidence ever so slightly as a result. This is why I ensure that my students do everything themselves and I help where I'm needed. Baking Lessons Miss Sue Flay I'm simply passionate about inspiring, enthusing and teaching my own skills and tips for fun and interesting home baking. And so... to one of my lovely students, Maria, who gave me permission to talk about our lesson, of which we had when the snow was falling (!) a couple of months ago. It was a very cold evening, but it was perfect icy weather to bake some warming and aromatic Afternoon Tea treats after work for a few hours. The house was nice and warm and Maria made me a cuppa to wrap my hands around whilst she got the oven up to temperature and started to chop and prepare the ingredients for her savoury pea & pancetta tartlets. This is one of my longest serving treats on my own Tea table and it's the perfect savoury to compliment a selection of finger sandwiches, of which you can make for meat lovers or vegetarians with a few variations. Baking Lessons Cambridge As well as the tartlets, Maria chose to bake an Apple & Cinnamon Streusel Cake, which is the perfect cake to make for a chilly day, even better served with a dollop of good quality vanilla ice cream or custard for a crunchy, freshly baked single layer cake. What I loved about Maria's studio flat was that it as cosy, not huge, the kitchen is a good size, but not too big/not too small. We stood in our slippers and aprons and it felt so homely, the one thing I love about teaching student's in their own home... it means we can stay cosy and make the student feel at home, literally! Once the cake had been taken out of the oven, my baking tips and baking wisdom imparted, we couldn't help but cut into it so that Maria could enjoy the taste of an amazingly simple, yet delicious recipe fresh from the oven, once the heat was off and tongues couldn't be burnt of course! It tasted as amazing as it smelled, I was lucky enough to sample a teeny piece, thank you so much Maria! Baking Lessons Cambridge This baking lesson was a first for Maria, having not really baked anything previously, other than a few unsuccessful attempts from her mum to get her cooking hehe. She had, however, been to a few of my events with "The Secluded Tea Party" so it was nice to be able to share a few of her favourite recipes from my own Tea Party table. I loved working with Maria and was so glad to hear that her mum was thrilled to try out her Afternoon Treats the very next day, hurrah. This current chilly weather is putting a smile on my face and making me hungry for something sweet and lightly spiced... Maria, you made some good choices for the temperature outside and at this rate, it could be a summer warming menu too ; ) Afternoon Tea Baking Lesson Somebody book a lesson with me to take my mind off wanting to bake these myself, right now!?!... Miss Sue Flay To book a baking lesson in your own home, simply email: for more information or to book/buy gift vouchers, especially with Father's Day coming up... What better way than to bake with your kids, parents or other halves to celebrate?! Afternoon Tea Baking Lesson You can Read about Miss Sue Flay's Baking Lessons here.

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