Thursday, 29 May 2014

Weightloss Motivation: The Simple Pleasures

I've been very vocal over the last few months about my weight loss and you've probably all been shouting at the "virtual" me asking me to pipe down – I'm not sorry (haha), as Sarah at Primal Performance has truly helped to change my life for the better. Primal Performance Weight Loss However. I've recently encountered an old issue that has stopped me (very literally) in my tracks. About 8 years ago, no thanks to my little pup at the time (yes, he's still in the dog house over this one!) dripped water from his beard all over the place and I slipped in grand style, landing in the "splits" position on the kitchen floor. Ouch + a few swear words! The doctors & hospital fobbed me off, popped me on some highly addictive medication and told me to "learn to love the pain" after a series of physio sessions didn't help me. Simple things guilty pleasures Skip forward to last week and whilst training in the sunshine with Sarah, something clicked and my back went "ping", resulting in her needing to peel me off the floor as I winced in agony. Since I've started training, deadlifting, running, cycling and so on, my back has twinged on and off and there's been a lot of ceasing up, building up to this nasty pain that has stopped me from exercising full stop. I'm able to walk around (just about) and do some stretches several times a day, but it's pretty bad and in turn, so stupidly frustrating. I just want to go out for a jog and I NEVER thought I would hear myself say that! The Simple Pleasures So, whilst I work with the miraculous Soraya at the Saffron Walden Osteopath Clinic (she's a back saver and is helping me through it) I have decided to focus on the things that make me happy, keep me focused and relaxed and enjoy some relaxation to help me in my recovery. The Simple Pleasures I've been enjoying reading some magazines and books that I've been meaning to catch up on, painting my nails a rainbow of different colours, playing with the puppy, brainstorming creative ideas, enjoying the odd cocktail & roast dinner, lazy brunches with good friends, heading to local food festivals & new food openings, planning overseas travel, walking through Cambridge market and buying myself beautiful flowers, taking a relaxing trip to the coast & eating ice cream or to see my "must see" films at the cinema with some popcorn, enjoying a loose leaf cuppa with a DVD, eating cake healthy (and seasonal) food to keep me on track and even enjoying a guilty pleasure or two in the form of episodes of "Storage Hunters". The Simple Pleasures Storage Hunters If you haven't seen this programme, it's basically a load of bargain hunters bidding for unclaimed storage lockers full of crap for a lucky dip of findings within them, I adore this show, I am well and truly addicted! I also asked my social media followers what they like to do when they are having a crappy day or time and I'd love to share with you just a few of the responses I received, they are fantastic ideas, so thank you to all who joined in with this conversation... The Simple Pleasures @BridgesCamb - Have some really nutritious tasty food, avoid those sugar highs and lows. Rae Snape - A walk in the woods. Nature: birds, drizzly rain, look up at the trees and breathe in deep. Really deep. You'll feel reconnected with everything. @Miss_Informed86 - If I can just push myself out of the door and go running I always feel great. Other days however you can't beat choccy biccies! The Simple Pleasures Anna McConnell - Watch a film, usually a Cary Grant film if I am trying to cheer myself up. @MrNeilB - Favourite songs. You know the ones that send a tingle down your spine. Yeah those. Extra loud. The Simple Pleasures Kathy Salaman - Watch an episode or two of The Simpsons. Love Homer! @SchoolDinners – I do something for someone else, bake a cake, smile at a friend, take someone a coffee. Don't navel gaze. Emma Furness - I knit : ) The Simple Pleasures Sunday Roast @nortonofmorton - I find walking helps in the rare situation that I'm in an utterly foul mood. That and throwing things. Aggie Redpath - DON"T go and start chomping your way through the fridge, we have ALL done that, not a good move, and one we ALL regret!! @CambridgeAroma - I like to sit in front of one of my hives and watch my bees. The Simple Pleasures Southwold Julie York - Was feeling low today so spent an hour on my veggie plot digging away with my 7yr old grandson...feel great now! @Paper_Obsessed - Write in my journal is my go to activity when feeling in a mood. Let's me rant, offload and start working through solutions. Pete Robbins - For me it was spending yesterday really getting to grips with an old friend called the drum kit, I am am happier and more motivated for it. Nothing quite lifts my spirit than spending time playing the instrument I love. The Simple Pleasures Stir Up Media @cakeswithfaces - You can't underestimate the healing properties of a shower! Washing your face & combing your hair will do for minor bad moods. Fiona McDuff - I eat chocolate (guilt free). I restrain myself the rest of the time so that I can indulge when I need it most! @GentlemanBaker - Tea and Cake. Tea and cake is like a little five minute holiday in ones day. The Simple Pleasures Aoife Maxwell - Swim in Jesus green outdoor pool - never fails to cheer me up. Followed by wine and nice dinner - preferably cooked by someone else! Here's to a speedy recovery and a potential training plan for a 10k run in October… gulp! The Simple Pleasures Southwold Sue Flay How do you deal with a crappy day? Do you eat good (or bad food!)? Do you exercise (if you can!)? Or do you try something a little different in your approach? I'd love to hear from you below…   Miss Sue Flay   The Simple Pleasures Cambridge Punts    

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