Saturday, 3 May 2014

Welcome To #HighTeaHour

High Tea Hour Wanna join the gang? Indulge in your inner Marie Antoinette or Earl of Sandwich and have fun geeking out with some inspiration on our favourite topic on my favourite social media site, Twitter, over a cuppa? Well, welcome to #HighTeaHour High Tea Hour Each and every Sunday between 3pm and 4pm, there will be a Twitter hashtag to talk about our favour topic, share our afternoon tea tiers of the day/week/month and discuss our favourite blends of loose leaf tea and other such geekery. Simply pour yourself a cuppa and get sharing anything related to the topic... scones, cakes, teapots & teacups, napkin geekery, etiquette tips, you name it... we want to see and hear it! You can share an image, a venue suggestion, reviews, a business related to the topic, anything you like - simply use the hashtag #HighTeaHour from 3pm and connect with other people with the same passions as you. It's that simple. High Tea Hour If you want to include your everyday hashtags within it (there's already a popular one for #AfternoonTea, then go for it, but don't forget the #HighTeaHour to connect with myself and my fellow afternoon tea lovers throughout this time. #HighTeaHour is going to be potentially controversial to the stiffer afternoon tea lovers who don't like the term "High Tea", however, it works for me as a hashtag and will hopefully catch the attention of anyone & everyone infatuated with afternoon tea, cream teas, high tea, low tea.... tea in the sky, outer space or in the deepest depths of the ocean below us, it's for everybody. Simply tweet using the hashtag, of which I will be moderating personally each Sunday and I will be retweeting and engaging with the posts using it to help spread the afternoon tea love. #HighTeaHour is designed to enable people with similar interests and passions to connect, so be friendly, don't spam and above all have so much fun using it to network. I would also love to hear from you if you have a story to share from using this hashtag and I may well write up the odd post about it over the coming weeks and months, should it be a success, so get in touch if you enjoy using this to connect. High Tea Hour The Hashtag Rules:  There are no real "rules" for any hashtag, it's open to everyone, but please be courteous - negative behaviour or offensive language is not tolerated and will not be met with reward. Here's a few tips to get the most out of #HighTeaHour: Please spread the word, be it through a blog post or through social media platforms, everybody wants to learn about your business or see your stunning afternoon tea pictures, so let everybody know all about #HighTeaHour and let's get it trending. Follow your Twitter party host (that's me @MissSueFlay) and your fellow guests using this hashtag each week within your tweet and get to know each other - you never quite know where a connection might take you, that's the pure beauty of Twitter. Tweet on a Sunday between 3pm and 4pm using the hashtag #HighTeaHour and feel free to add a link to your favourite tea, your own blog or website or even an image of your choice (just keep it clean people). Make sure that you refresh your Twitter feed throughout the hour each Sunday so as not to miss any new links or tweets on the hashtag. Enjoy it, it's not too serious, it's purely for fun and to help others with the same passions as myself to connect through Twitter. Don't worry if you miss it one week, just join for the following week, there's no pressure at all. High Tea Hour If you aren't on Twitter, why ever not? Get yourself an account and join in the fun, you really don't know what you are missing out on! If you need help, I've set up to help people just like yourself to get to grips with this social media site, so just drop me a line for a chat.   To find out more about myself, simply visit my story so far... adding to that a huge Twitter addiction of which has resulted in a new business, as mentioned above. Life just got exciting and it could do for you too. I currently have over 4,080 Twitter followers and I love to engage with as many as possible, so come and say 'ello... oh and I do love a good hashtag! High Tea Hour SO excited to be tweeting with you every Sunday from 3pm on #HighTeaHour - see you there! Miss Sue Flay   NB - There is no reason this hashtag has been created other than running it for fun, no money has been offered or sponsorship requests to run along side, just little old me being a nerd! PS - If you would like to help be a part of this hashtag then drop me a line - I can even make your face appear on the blog with your own Twitter handle, should you want to help be a part of it...    

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