Friday 18 May 2012

How To Make The Perfect Cucumber Sandwich

I don’t know about you, but sometimes you can really just crave a simple sandwich...

If I am home alone, I won’t usually make myself lunch (naughty I know!) as it always seems like so much effort just for me, so if I get hungry for something easy, I do usually crave a good old Cucumber Sandwich. Not some soggy cream cheese filled sandwich that has so much moisture in it that by the time you come to eat it, it’s all limp and watery... there is nothing worse than a soggy cucumber sandwich!

For an easy weekend treat, I want to share with you my favourite variations of this British classic, the sandwich that may not have been one of Lord Sandwiches favourite fillings, but he helped to create it regardless : )

The Cucumber Sandwich.

For me, the plain white square loaf is best... sorry to say it, some will shout at me for this, but the cheaper the better for this particular indulgence so as not to distract from the flavours of your filling.
But, if you want to rebel, go for brown, or even wholemeal if you prefer... you crazy cat!

For soft/cream cheese in a sandwich, I tend to prefer full fat, only because it’s a thicker consistency than low fat and holds its own within the sandwich. Low fat tends to ooze much easier, and isn’t as civilised for this finger sandwich.

The key to a good cut of cute & addictive finger sandwiches is a good sharp knife, to ensure that no oozing or flattening occurs whilst slicing these beauties.

I would also say, no need to faff with your cucumber, I don’t peel mine... I actually quite like a bite to my cucumber sandwich. Some peel it and scoop out the seeds, but I find this reduces your slice by approx. 50% so I don’t tend to bother when it’s just me. Just wash your cucumber and then pat it dry with a piece of kitchen towel to dry it again before slicing into rounds of approx 2mm in thickness. This can sometimes be a science in itself and I like to play mini challenges with myself to try and get them all the same thickness... GEEK!

Here, I share my two favourite combinations for you to sit down and enjoy with a good strong cup of tea, each recipe below being made for 1 person, just little old you.
However, if you want to make it for more people, just multiply it accordingly.


2 Slices white bread
Approx. 6 slices of cucumber rounds
Knob of slightly salted butter or margarine
Pepper to season

Butter 1 side of each slice of bread, and slice your freshly washed & Dried Cucumber into the requisite number of slices.
Sprinkle some pepper onto one side of the sandwich so that it sticks nicely to the butter and isn’t going to shake off anywhere. Then place your cucumber slices on the slice, just inside the crusts so that you keep it all in when you cut.
Carefully place the other slice on top and give it a little press to crush it all together nicely.
Slice all 4 crusts off and throw them into the garden for the birds. Waste not want not.  
With a good, sharp knife,  cut into 4 neat little squares and get munching.


3 Slices white bread
Approx. 12 slices of cucumber rounds
2 Tbsp of soft/cream cheese  
Handful of fresh mint, chopped finely
Handful of fresh chives, chopped finely
Pepper to season

Place all 3 slices of bread on top of each other so they are aligned perfectly and de-crust them - put aside.
In a small bowl combine the soft/cream cheese, chopped mint & chives and season with pepper to your liking.
Delicately spread a generous amount of this mix onto 1 side of each slice of de-crusted bread, and slice your freshly washed & Dried Cucumber into the requisite number of slices, as above.
On the first bread slice, place approx. 6 cucumber rounds to cover, as instructed above and place the next slice of bread, soft/cream cheesed side UP.
Layer with the remaining cucumber, then place the last slice of bread, soft/cream cheese side DOWN.
With a good, sharp knife,  cut into 3 rectangular Double Decker finger sandwiches, being careful as you go so as not to squeeze the filling.

Enjoy a fresh taste with the herbs giving the cucumber a perfect lift.

And forget the garnishes & finishing touches for a pretty picture, Just get your bum on the sofa or at the kitchen table with a cuppa and enjoy some well deserved “Me Time”... I just hope this inspires : ) 

Perhaps you make your cucumber sandwich differently? Do share with a comment below to inspire. 

Miss Sue Flay


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  1. I was always taught to always lightly salt the cucumber in advance to draw out the moisture. That way you're much less likely to get a soggy sandwich.