Wednesday 9 May 2012

Hunt & Darton Pop-Up Cafe - Cambridge

I honestly can't resist sharing this with you all. 

It was only last week I saw my lovely friend, Deepa (also known as lazy Giraffe hehe) had been saying that Cambridge needed a new pop-up restaurant or a tearoom or a new underground foodie location and I then went home, flicked through the latest edition of the Cambridgeshire Journal magazine and saw just the ticket...

Not only do we have the fabulous Scrimshaws Supperclub, A Saucepan & A Suitcase and the upcoming Plate Lickers Anonymous...

Cambridge is now home to Hunt & Darton, a pop-up cafe in the very heart of Cambridge City Centre, well, for the next few weeks anyway!...

Hunt & Darton Cafe is the brainchild of local and arty duo, Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton, where they intend to incorporate live art within a cafe, based on Regent Street no less.
From the moment you walk in, you will be chuckling, it’s Random with a capital R... Salt & Pepper on the tables, resting on Action Men dressed as Barbies, Pineapples on the table tops as decoration, a customer tally on the huge blackboard on one wall (Of which you are asked to chalk yourself onto to help them keep track of how many customers they attract... Some dogs are even mentioned on this tally....!) as well as an openly public loss and profit count on the wall for all to see, actually telling you how much they make on anything from their Roast Dinner Sandwich to a cup of tea a Wagon Wheel.

On sitting at our table we were greeted with a friendly waiter with a name tag "Low Profile"... We weren't sure what to make of the polo he offered each of us before we ordered, but we naturally became traditionally British and accepted and proceeded to suck the mints prior to our coffee and tea course haha.... We didn't question this at the time, but suddenly thought about the logic a day or two afterwards : ) 

Our Roast dinner sandwiches were interesting to say the least, we had expected them to be hot but on arrival, they were indeed cold meat and vegetables with all the trimmings in between 3 lovely layers of fresh bread. I went for the Roast beef with Parsnips, Carrots, Stuffing and even some Gravy and Horseradish mixed in there and it was filling and not too bad for £4. The mister had a Roast Chicken & Cranberry Roast dinner sandwich and it was lovely and sweet and more up my street as a cold sarnie, but the concept was great, being that was initially had us fancying a trip there to give these badboys a go. 

We weren't disappointed, we chuckled all the way through and enjoyed flicking through their specially made paper to browse through with more and more random musings and articles. We were entertained all the way through our visit. 

The amusing menu on the table tells you how to take tea properly (don't tap your spoon on the side of your tea cup don't you know?!) with etiquette that you could in fact learn at our very own Secluded Tea Party & Etiquette lesson coming up in September. 
But what is great about this is that on the other side of the menu it tells you to go completely against these manners and just simply play with your food... Titled "How to Play With Your Food", you can order a slice of Battenburg and are advised to Uncouple the pink and yellow sponge and reassemble in the form of a model castle. 
Or try ordering a Tunnocks Teacake and roll up the foil wrapper into a ball and throw it in each others mugs (the mister didn't wait for me to finish my tea so I got a little wetter than planned... hmmm). 

If you like trying new experiences and you like playing with your food, this is the place for you to try out!
Hunt & Darton Cafe is at 100 Regent Street in Cambridge until 27th May, so get your bum down there and support this project, it's so much fun. 

And if you get hooked, you can go back again and again and after 4 trips with stamps on your loyalty card, you get a special treat... Oooh intriguing!

Even each till receipt is a piece of art in it's own right, with each one being completely unique. It could be worth money one day, you never know hehe... I loved it and I am so glad we took a visit. 
We were kids for an hour or so and enjoyed making boobies out of pieces of Battenburg and flicked our Tunnocks wrappers at each other... where else will ever let you do that as a "Done" thing to do with your cuppa?!... Enough said ; ) 

100 Regent Street (Opposite De Luca Restaurant) 

Wednesday - Sunday 
10am to 6pm 

Miss Sue Flay 


  1. Do it, it's great fun, drop us a line if you do and leave your feedback here... let us know what you think : ) xx