Friday 21 December 2012

Tea Guest: Aggie Redpath on Father Christmas's Treats

A lovely friend of The Secluded Tea Party has offered to share a fabulous Xmas Recipe or two that she has learnt from her own famous friend... Santa Claus. 
Yes, she enjoys a cuppa with him every year, around this time and he sits and discusses who has been naughty and who has been nice, as well as sharing his favorite tipples and nibbles each year, sometimes even sharing a recipe or two with her from his travels each time they meet. 

She's one very lucky lady indeed to be friends with the big man himself - Why not give these Santa-Approved recipes a go yourself this Christmas?...  They sound superb.

Picture the scene, Aggie and Santa curled up in high leather wing back chairs with a strong cuppa in hand by a roaring fire, helping him to thaw his feet out on this cold Xmas week, his story of last years' Christmas rounds re-told below by Aggie as she heard it from the bearded man herself  ; )

My body was beyond aching, my head was pounding from  the adrenalin coursing my veins, I sat still and let the roller coaster motion of the sleigh move in harmony with my trusted beasts and let my beloved reindeer find their way home guided by the sparkling fizzle of magic light that glowed like a halo round us cocooning us against the world, still enough sparkle to get us home. 

The heavy leather reins I held tightly with both hands, having chafed my skin so badly, I could not feel them. The pain would come back later, after I had warmed  them by the fire, but for now the blood has dried dark and thick on my rough skin, blackened with soot from descending so many chimneys. I shut my eyes and listened to the reins snapping against the backs of the reindeer, wet with sweat from their night times exertions, the rush of freezing air making icicles hang from my nostrils and mouth, these trivial discomforts bothered me little, my concern was for my leading reindeer, Dancer, who had seen me through many a long and exhausting Christmas Eve, who had stood patiently, on every rooftop in the land, uncomplaining and steady, keeping  the younger members of the team in order. Down the chimney I flew,  leaving the long awaited presents for the children fast asleep in their beds, not daring to peep in case I did not come!  I drank greedily and ate the offerings left by the exhausted parents, perhaps under the illusion that these treats were for them, their reward for creating a magical Christmas for their children! 

I cracked my whip,  and shouted at my flagging team 'Get along Prancer, Dancer, the lot of you, I want to get home', my voice sounding like a rasping file in the cold night air, we gathered  speed on our final lap  dipping and diving, exhausted but pleased our job was done. I wriggled further down under the old reindeer rug, letting my faithful friends follow the stars that were our guiding light home, where I wanted to settle down with my beloved Mrs. Christmas, sitting by the fire, hand in hand, eating the same delights we always share on this magical night, for well over three hundred years, buttered rum and mince meat made with reindeer meat and spiced fruits.  

Father Christmas's Buttered Rum recipe 

2 shot dark rum 
1 teaspoon dark brown sugar 
¼ teaspoon mixed spice 
top up with boiling water 
add a small slice of butter to melt into restoring drink 

Put 2 shots rum in a mug, add sugar, spice and boiling water, and float in a thin slice of butter to melt into the rum

Mince pies with stewed apple
 (Leaving out the reindeer meat!) 
Tartlet tins for however many mince pies you can eat, 
lined with Shortcrust pastry (bought or homemade) to line tartlet tins
 as required with lids to pop on top
Cooked Bramley apple puree not sweetened
Mince meat
Beaten egg to glaze

Put 1 teaspoon apple in the bottom of each pie, top with mincemeat, put lid on top and put in fridge for half an hour before baking. (V. important as stops pastry from 'shrinking' ) Glaze with beaten egg and cook for 8 – 10 mins depending on size.

Eat with brandy butter, cream, custard or all three.

Bon appetit and a Happy Christmas to you all. 

Love Aggie

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