Thursday 13 December 2012

The Secluded Tea Party Baking School Is Here!

As some of you may be aware, (or you may not be) by now, I have been tinkering and plotting for a the last few months with a new direction for The Secluded Tea Party. With my experience of hosting Afternoon Tea parties, events & workshops over the last few years, both for fun and for profit, I have learnt many valuable lessons along the way.

Thanks to the success of The Great British Bake Off, a reignited love of baking and a want to learn for the people who have never really done so before has started to bloom. I had a conversation with a man friend of mine, the lovely Mark, who said that he had just gotten into the show towards the end of this last series and the general science of baking intrigued him, but he wouldn’t know where to start.

And so The Secluded Tea Party Baking School was conjured up, ready to offer cookery lessons in your own home.

I started out myself not knowing how to make even a pancake before I started, completely self teaching as I went along. Not being an expert or qualified pastry chef, I don’t stand there and shout instructions, I have simply learnt from my own baking experiences, failures (there have been many!) & triumphs since 2010 and I am here to simply teach you my personal recipes and ideas with a chat over a cuppa whilst we bake away.

Not only does this make you as a baker feel more relaxed and turn you automatically into a natural afternoon tea host or hostess as you bake, but you will learn to get used to your own equipment, oven and even your own home temperatures, which all vary from house to house. This will all help to make you a relaxed and confident home baker, preparing to make cakes, tarts and treats fit for your very own Afternoon Tea or special occasion.

Having hosted many themed Afternoon Tea parties, ticketed events & workshops over the last few years, including a Vintage Make Up Workshop, Gory Zombie & Alice in Wonderland Tea Parties, Easter events, Crafting, Punting & Picnic Teas and many more besides, including private Hen Parties, Baby Showers and Birthday Celebrations, I 100% love baking and entertaining and want to impart some of my enthusiasm and experience onto my students for 2013 & beyond, no matter what your ideal themes/ideas might be.  

The Secluded Tea Party Baking School will be hosted in your home, at a time and day to suit you with a choice of either a couple of hours, half a day or even a full day to book Miss Sue Flay to teach or simply assist you in your baking endeavors. No need to buy loads of special equipment, I will lug it all around with me.

Throughout a 2 hour baking workshop, we would aim to bake/make 2-3 treats or cakes of your choice with no messing around.

Throughout a 4 hour baking workshop, we would aim to bake/make 4-5 treats or cakes of your choice.

And a full day’s worth of baking, aiming for 7 hours, would aim to bake/make 6-7 treats or cakes of your choice.  

All Secluded Tea Party Baking Workshops are very much tailored, so we can offer you an extensive list of recipes to choose from or we can discuss your requirements and decide on recipes that will match your cravings. We will also happily discuss your likes & dislikes as well as any dietary requirements you may have.

Once you have chosen your recipes, we can discuss how many people you wish to bake for and you will then be supplied with a shopping list for ingredients to have ready to bake with.  We ask you to buy the ingredients, as you may already own half the list, so we won’t charge you unnecessary costs this way.

You are also very much encouraged to invite your friends and family over for a cuppa and a few treats afterwards or take them to work for your colleagues the next day to show off your new baking skills.Afternoon Tea is the best way to enjoy your treats, no matter who you are!

You will absolutely LOVE playing host with the extensive list of recipes available and they are perfect for any occasion. Not only recipes and baking tuition provided, but you will also receive a tailor made folder full of your recipes, plus additional recipes that might go well on your own Afternoon Tea Table, along with additional notes on how to throw the perfect tea party, an essential baking book reading list and even a suggested baking equipment list with our favorite equipment suppliers, should you fancy buying the equipment we bring to you for your session.

You can choose and mix and match any of the treats from a list, provided to you on inquiring.
If you just want to learn more manly bakes or simple baking, no worries. There is no pressure to "Have Afternoon Tea", you make up the rules for your own session. 

Even gift vouchers will be available for you to buy a Baking School session for a friend, a perfect gift for anybody, no matter what the level of their baking abilities.

You will be able to invite Miss Sue Flay to your home to bake, or we can arrange to bake in another space pre-agreed with you, should you prefer to do so. It’s also a great idea for smaller Baking parties, crack open a bottle and enjoy baking in the comfort of your home as a couple or with friends or family to bond or enjoy a mini celebration with a difference, we’re always open to ideas.

Miss Sue Flay is currently working with a group of “Test Students” for the very first few Baking School sessions, just to ensure that all creases are ironed out before she is set loose on the rest of the cake-loving population.

Being able to travel anywhere in the world to teach these Afternoon Tea baking sessions is going to be a great way for us to share the Afternoon Tea love. 
And the best part... We aren’t restricted to just Cambridge, so long as you have a kitchen, we can travel anywhere - Global domination with tea & cake... we like the sound of that!

Prices for our Baking School will start from £35

Simply email for more information
or to book/buy gift vouchers now.

 We look forward to baking with you very soon!

Miss Sue Flay

PS - Watch this space for our mini case studies on our “Test Student” sessions over the coming weeks. We were glad we gained a varied selection of willing participants to practice in *Real time* with, as there were a few things we forgot to mention, do and teach as we went, so you, as a paying customer are going to get the best possible Afternoon Tea Baking School experience thanks to this practice period, we promise!

Test Student # 1 – Mark - Click Here

Test Student # 2 – Lauren - Click Here

Test Student # 3 – Leah Ann - Click Here

Test Student # 4 – Maria - Coming Soon


  1. This sounds great! All the best for this new mini venture. I look forward to reading the case studies!

  2. Thanks so much my lovely, it's going so well, and I'm now offering this full time, weekdays, evenings and weekends, so everybody can take a lesson : )
    Miss Sue Flay xxx