Saturday, 20 April 2013

Secluded Blogfest 2013: Bring a Friend for FREE!

The Secluded Blogfest is coming... If you hadn't heard and we are so excited! 

And we have a VERY special announcement on the tickets for this week only....

In the build up to my next event over the coming weeks, I will be introducing you to our guest speakers and letting you all get to know a little about them and what they have planned to talk to our lovely guests about on Saturday 11th May at our secret bloggers hide out.

You can read the full details and itinerary for this event here

Speakers will include: 
ReeRee Rockette of "Rockalily"
Deepa Mistry of "Lazy Giraffe Jewellery"
Lina & Tom of "Liquid Photo"
Lynn Hill of "The Clandestine Cake Club"

Through Twitter, we are also using the hashtag:

This event is being hosted at a sanctuary not too far from Central Cambridge and it's close enough that you can race back into town and grab a train... or a cocktail afterwards ; ) 

We like to take you out of town with the Secluded Blogfest and help to unwind ever so slightly, with great food... cake is naturally always on the menu at our events too! 

The ticket price for this inspirational blogging event is currently set at £70 per guest.

However, for this week only, if you have got a friend or colleague that you believe would benefit from coming along to this event to network with our fellow bloggers, writers & very special guest speakers, then when you book your ticket, you can bring your friend for free. 

Yes, they can join you for 100% free of charge. 

No catch... other than they need to be friendly and interested in the topics we intend to cover! 

This also means that you can share the cost of your ticket, should you wish to do so, but still get the full benefit of a superb day with the best bloggers and social media enthusiasts around... What's not to love?!

You will both also benefit from a breakfast, lunch and fuel to keep you going throughout the afternoon, as well as wifi access at our venue to get cracking or tippy tapping away whilst you are with us. 

Not only will I actually speak a little about my very own experiences through blogging (and not hide at the back so much this year ; ) we will also be covering between our panel of blogging experts, topics such as: 

# Reasons why good photography is important in blogging 
# How useful social media sites such as Pinterest, Bloglovin' & Instagram are for bloggers
What makes a great blog post 
# Following your passions & where they might lead to
# Blog brands and re-branding
# How to let your personality shine through 
# Copyright & copyright law
# Social media, networking & marketing strategies - How to pimp your brand
Moving a blog to a viable business 
# Permissions & licensing 
# Finding your blogging niche & setting yourself apart from all the others
# Idea generation     
# How to become a published writer 
# Creating an international franchise - thinking big

And that's just for starters!

After each session with our speakers, there will be a chance to ask any burning questions, it's going to be very informal, so it will be an open discussion and there will be many tangents and open conversations that will be had between us...

... it's yours to make it your own, so please do enjoy the conversation and networking it will create!

Once your ticket is booked, please email me at : 
with details of you and your guest. 

I will then send you both a little questionnaire to complete, which will be used to put together a bloggers' bio to help you all to nosey at your fellow guests before you attend... that way, you can all get excited about each other's plans & projects and really get to know who will be there and why... It's great fun, nothing to be too serious about ; ) 

So get booking... you have until Sunday 28th April to take advantage of this sweet deal! 

To book your ticket (to include 2 guests this week only!) for 
The Secluded Blogfest 2013, please click here.

Miss Sue Flay

To read more about this event, including info on all speakers, please click here

To book your ticket for this event - please click here

You can read about the talk from Lina & Tom of by clicking here. 

You can read about the talk from Deepa aka The Lazy Giraffe by clicking here. 

Info on the other talks to follow in the coming week or so... 

Please Note - This is not open to tickets already purchased, apologies. 

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