Friday, 19 April 2013

Secluded Blogfest 2013: Introducing Lina & Tom of LiquidPhoto

The Secluded Blogfest is coming... And oh my giddy aunt, are we excited! 

In the build up to my next event over the coming weeks, I thought I would have some fun getting to know what my guest speakers have planned to talk to our lovely guests about on Saturday 11th May at our secret bloggers hide out.

First up, I met with the gorgeous photographic duo, Lina & Tom of 

These guys are close to my heart, as well as many others in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, London and beyond and they are a very talented pairing indeed. I've worked closely with them both for my event photography over the last few years, with them papping my first photo shoot at an old rectory in a Cambridgeshire village (which was cake carnage with kids and parents to boot hehe... I loved every minute of it!) as well as a fun shoot with William Hanson for our very first Etiquette of Afternoon Tea event in Cambridge and a tea room photo shoot more recently for a large feature I wrote in the Cambridgeshire Journal Magazine. 

Lina is so confident and knowledgeable, with a passion for blogging and business like no other woman I know, she inspires and supports me equally and I love her drive

Tom, well, we go way back in fact...I used to sit at the back of my form room at secondary school in one corner head down, hiding from the world, whilst Tom used to sit at the back of the room in the other corner with his head down, hiding from the rest of the world! Hehe. 

When I met up with Liquid Photo nearly 3 years ago, I firstly didn't realise it was Tom, he most certainly wasn't the same guy I knew over 15 years ago...but then I'm not the same girl anymore, so I'm sure it was a shock all around to realise we actually knew each other ; ) 
We have both come into ourselves as more confident and successful than either of us ever gave ourselves credit for... And I'm thrilled to be sharing these two lovely speakers with you at this year's Secluded Blogfest. 

They will both be sharing their professional hints, tips and advice on all aspects of photography and blogging and they have agreed to share just some of the topics they will be sharing with you here as a teaser:

# Reasons why good photography is important in blogging 
# Low mega pixel camera images & image stretching
# What makes a great blog post visually, using photography & images 
# SEO & naming images
# Blog brands and matching photography & images to your brand
# How to let your personality shine through your blog images
# Copyright & copyright law
# Google & Images 
# Watermarking 
# Creative Commons licensing 

And that's just to get these guys started... They could talk passionately for hours, so do use the networking time throughout this event to bend their ears, as well as the Q&A session with them as part of their talk. 

I truly hope that you will enjoy this workshop with Tom & Lina... These guys know their stuff and will also be providing you with a special offer as an attendee at Blogfest 2013.... More details on the day ; )

Miss Sue Flay

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For more info on Lina & Tom at Liquid Photo, please click here

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