Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Secluded Blogfest 2013: Introducing Deepa aka Lazy Giraffe

The Secluded Blogfest is coming... And oh my giddy aunt, are we excited! 

In the build up to my next event over the coming weeks, I thought I would have some fun getting to know what my guest speakers have planned to talk to our lovely guests about on Saturday 11th May at our secret bloggers hide out.

In fact, until Sunday 28th April, if you book one ticket, you can bring a friend completely free of charge, so book fast - offer is this week only! (See here for further details)

Second up, I want to introduce you to the lovely Deepa Mistry of Lazy Giraffe Jewellery. 

Not only is Deepa one of the most talented Jewellery makers I know, she's also one of my most favourite & most entertaining bloggers to boot. She's honest in her blogging, she stays true to her word and beliefs, but most importantly, she gets you salivating over her food adventures and you want to wear all of her jewellery everytime she promotes it through social media... I own a fair bit thanks to her pesky Facebook page hehe ; ) 

She's one busy lady, as she balances a full time career on top of everything...she also co-hosts the Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club with me in her spare time... she's an inspiration for you all to listen to at this upcoming event, as well as being a whizz on social media, she's also very hot on Etsy and Folksy through her Jewellery business...a fountain of knowledge! 

I've known Deepa for 3 years now, she came to my very first Secluded Tea Party back when I was a bag of nerves, unsure that my idea was ever going to come to life and stick to something successful... how wrong I was! 
And she's been there as an ever growing friend and fellow food lover throughout my entire journey as Miss Sue Flay... she's the perfect speaker to inspire you and although this is her very first appearance as a public speaker, I know she is going to knock your socks off with her advice and experience, you will LOVE her! 

Deepa and I often try out new food places together in Cambridge, we even swap notes on places to visit further afield and trust each others' judgement on hotels & B&Bs, restaurants, tea rooms, recipes & more... and she's simply my go to girl for blog geekdom

I would also say that I love to personally escape into a little travel and more unusual cuisine through Deepa's blog, as not only does she review her favourite hotspots as she finds them but she has recently fallen back in love with her Indian cookery and she will have you drooling just at the photos of the treats she cooks up for her gorgeous husband and their friends... she's a fabulous cook and has exciting plans for the future, so she's one lady to watch very closely, trust me. 

This lovely lady will be discussing her blogging journey, talking about how to find your niche and stick with it, with hints, tips and advice on all aspects of blogging as she natters with us. She has even agreed to share just some of the topics she may be sharing with you here as a teaser:

# Her blogging journey
# What worked... and what didn't 
# How to blog about what you love the most    
# Finding your niche   
# How to make your blog look great   
# Promoting your blog    
# Some do's and don't of blogging 

And that's just to skim the surface!... she could have you chatting over a pot of tea for days, so do use the networking time throughout this event to bend her ear, as well as the Q&A session with her as part of her talk. 

I truly hope that you will enjoy this session with Deepa
...We can't wait to have you joining us! 

Miss Sue Flay

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