Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today Can we just stop for one moment to realise just how selfish society has become?  I won't go into some sort of deep rambling here, but I've been surrounded by a lot of sadness of late through friends and acquaintances and the sadness they are currently enduring for whatever reason that might be.  I'm in a happy place, I'm the happiest I've ever been, sometimes I feel a little guilty for that even though I know I shouldn't.  To be honest, I've had my fair share of sadness over the years and I know how it feels when somebody does just the slightest thing to brighten your day, even if it's just smile from a fellow commuter on the motorway as we crawl along on the mundane crawl to work every day - what's the point in being mean to each other? It doesn't help anyone.  Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today Instead of going into some sort of sad story, or moaning about how mean the world around us can be, or how rude people are on the street, I'm going to make a few suggestions here.  Be selfless today, just once, for a few seconds.  If you have the willpower or even just the ability to make somebody smile today, please do it… no matter how small or ridiculous the gesture might feel, you just don't know what it might do for somebody's wellbeing.  Here are a few of my suggestions, I'm going to take note and do more selfless things to make the people I come into contact just a tiny bit happier today.  Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today ▽ Sing in the car at the top of your voice and smile at passers by, it's amazing how many people smile back… or even join in! ▽ Play around with snapchat filters with somebody you wouldn't normally do that with...  ▽ When was the last time you hand wrote a note? Send a short letter to somebody you've been meaning to connect with. Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today ▽ Say thank you. (and please)!  ▽ Offer an ear to bend if you see somebody who is trying to vent or reach out - and listen without speaking about you.  ▽ Compliment somebody genuinely on their hair/coat/shoes/smile…. I find this the hardest thing to do, but I will try harder to do so…  ▽ Send a small gift to somebody in the post - unexpected mail is awesome!  Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today ▽ Head over to and back an awesome project or idea.  ▽ Reach out to somebody you miss.  ▽ Offer to buy the office newbie a cuppa and show them you are a friendly face if they need you - you could even become great friends.  ▽ Share a funny video or an article with somebody it makes you think about. Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today ▽ Start up a conversation with the most interesting person around you right now - anything, the more random the subject the better.  ▽ Bake something and give it away.  ▽ Tell somebody you are proud of them.  ▽ Get to know the waitress/barista/service staff - especially if you're a regular (that Starbucks girl knows your name & your regular drink, but do you know her name?).  ▽ Give blood. More than the once.  Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today ▽ Figure out somebody's half birthday (add 182 days!) and surprise them with a mini party - I love this idea!  ▽ Donate some cash - even just a fiver to a friend who's running a race or growing a mo - it's easy to get annoyed at yet another JustGiving Page, but do you ever donate?  ▽ Go old school and play a game with someone close to you - have some childish fun!  ▽ Smile as you walk down the street - you might feel like you look crazy, but it's better than looking miserable & unapproachable!  Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today ▽ Take someone you are fond of on a surprise picnic!  ▽ Buy somebody a coffee in the queue behind you - I've never done this but always wanted to…  ▽ Ask that person in a different department for the recipe of the delicious cake they made for the works' bake sale - it's nice to know when somebody loves your baking that much.  ▽ Place some freshly picked/bought flowers in a vase for somebody on holiday and allow them to bloom for something to enjoy on their return.  ▽ Don't ignore the road sweeper/shop assistant/waiter/barman/postwoman/fellow dog walker - smile, say hello, ask them how they are! Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today ▽ Buy a balloon and give it away… or be silly with it - hours of fun & laughter!  ▽ Support somebody you know in something they are doing - be it a gig/live event or getting fit.  ▽ Ask somebody what the highlight of their day was - not just how it was, but make them think about and talk about the best part/s of their day.  ▽ Hug somebody you love for absolutely no reason.  Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today ▽ Invite a friend round for a cuppa or out for dinner - your treat so you can chat face to face! ▽ Buy a multipack of chocolates and leave an unexpected treat on your colleagues' desks.  ▽ Plan that trip or holiday you've been wanting to do for a while - and invite somebody to join you.  ▽ If somebody is ill, send them a little get well package to keep them occupied/dosed up!  Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today ▽ Take your baby into work - a baby (or dog!) gets my lovely lot going every single time - smiles guaranteed.  ▽ Leave a photo of a good memory in somebody's car/bag/coat for them to find unexpectedly.  What will YOU do to make somebody smile today?  Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today MSF Miss Sue Flay logo Green Brush Read my "About Me" page here! 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