Thursday, 13 November 2014

Miss Sue Flay & Hotpoint At BBC Good Food Shows 2014

You may or may not have read by now that I have recently been taken on by Hotpoint as their passionate food blogger and roving social media reporter for their Kitchen Experience stand at the BBC Good Food Show 2014. HOTPOINT LISA FAULKNER 0421 retouched This is one very exciting partnership and I'm thrilled skinny to be involved - I'll be taking to the floor and casting an eye on the latest food trends, gadget testings and Celebrity demos throughout both the London & Birmingham events throughout November. The events start this coming weekend with #GFSLondon, where you will find me joining forces with the superb Hotpoint team as well as some very familiar faces throughout this busy few days. We will be showcasing cooking and recipe demonstrations in London from the hosts of the stand; Lisa Faulkner and Shelina Parmalloo, as well as guest chef's such as Aldo Zilli, Tim Anderson, Marcus Bean, Suzy Pelta, Theo Randall, Nadia Sawalha. Hotpoint and BBC Good Food Show 2014 The event will run from Friday 14th through to Sunday 16th November 2014 and I will be there to help with the Hotpoint UK social media coverage throughout the event, as well as collecting information on thoughts for some creative blog content after the event - it's such a fantastic project to be working on, I cannot wait to get stuck in and meet such an inspiring group of personalities. The BBC Good Food Show Winter (#GFSWinter) will also be running from Thursday 27th through to Sunday 30th November 2014 at Birmigham NEC with many more guest chef's appearing on our stand. You can expect to meet the likes of Jo Wheatley, Glynn Purnell, Suzy Pelta, Anjali Pathak, John Whaite, Michael Caines and many more again - it's going to be a fantastic stand to visit if you are headed to these events throughout November. Hotpoint and BBC Good Food Show 2014 They are also offering discounts on their stand on products purchased at the show, so do take advantage, there are some real kitchen bargains to be had, with up to 50% off Hotpoint goods or a free hand blender on all purchases over £50 - it's a good one too! The stand will be showcasing not only the larger kitchen appliances, but the smaller domestic goods too. Their small goods include kettles, toasters, juice extractors, blenders, food mixers, microwaves, irons and even steam mops & vacuum cleaners - they don't just sell fridges and dishwashers, they own they own the kitchen! Hotpoint and BBC Good Food Show 2014 Illy espresso machines are also new to the Hotpoint range and there will be an Illy coffee experience within the BBC Good Food stand, where visitors will see their trained baristas in action and they can same the great quality coffee and see the sleek machines in action - some of them even mount on the wall to save space in your kitchen, they are fantastic little machines. I am stupidly excited about these events and if you are headed to London or Birmingham over the next few days or weeks, please do hunt me down and say hello... there is even going to be a Hotpoint Selfie competition through social media to encourage visitors to share the ultimate selfie from their visit - so follow my trail with Hotpoint through these platforms: Hotpoint and BBC Good Food Show 2014 Twitter Facebook  Instagram  Google + You Tube Pinterest  Hotpoint and BBC Good Food Show 2014 And of course, if I get the chance, I will also be sharing my own experiences through my social media channels too - if I can find the time of course hehe! I'll be mainly sharing through Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, as always - be sure to follow me at all of the above and drop me a line if you see anything you like. Hotpoint and BBC Good Food Show 2014 In fact, you can even drop me a line through the Hotpoint social media channels to engage in real-time Q&A sessions with the celebrity chefs, so if you have a burning question for anyone, ask away and we may will include you in the conversation - you can see the full lineup here. Miss Sue Flay Logo   And just in case you can't quite figure out how to spot me... I'll be most likely wearing funky Converse shoes and looking like this (minus the sparkly ears!) haha. Miss Sue Flay at The Blogcademy London  

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The UK's First Cereal Cafe - Cereal Killer Cafe

[caption id="attachment_3720" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Cereal Killer Cafe Image: Cereal Killer Cafe[/caption] This is a story that hit the news and spread like wildfire just yesterday throughout the world wide web... London's first cereal cafe.  Yes, these two trendy new cafe owners will be simply serving bowls of Captain Crunch, Honey Nut Loops and Shreddies amongst 100 other brands of our favourite type of breakfast, it's a novel idea and personally, I think it'll work very well. As a business owner myself, I truly hope it works for them anyway! There have been many people moaning that this is a silly idea (yes it is, but I adore silly ideas!) and it seems to be a total ripoff for a bowl of cereal drowned in your choice of milk. [caption id="attachment_3719" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Cereal Killer Cafe Image: Cereal Killer Cafe[/caption] Maybe. But then, you can walk into a coffee shop or deli and be charged up to £10 for a cup of coffee and a slice of mediocre cake, so I would actually argue the toss and agree that it sounds like a heck of a lot of fun and I'll be sure to head down there to try it out myself for something a little different - I like a quirky idea, if you hadn't heard by now. This cafe (called Cereal Killer Cafe - yes, the "Dexter" fan in me likes it already!) will be on two floors and is due to open in December (10th), located in Brick Lane, Shoreditch - a part of London I've enjoyed exploring this year and intend to revisit very soon. [caption id="attachment_3721" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Cereal Killer Cafe Image: Cereal Killer Cafe[/caption] Owned by identical twin brothers Alan & Gary Keery, they'll be showing off a nostalgic mix of breakfast cereal memorabilia and playing hangover-inspired retro cartoons for their punters whilst they tuck into different varieties of pop tarts & bowls of colourful, exotic and traditional cereals with topping options to baffle and inspire in equal measures... Oreo O's covered from South Korea covered in chocolate or Almond milk anyone? These guys are already getting quite interactive with their social media followers and will be taking comments and suggestions on board to make this a place people want to hang out in, I can only imagine the social elements that will be associated with this new breakfast place. Count me in!  [caption id="attachment_3722" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Cereal Killer Cafe Image: Cereal Killer Cafe[/caption] Miss Sue Flay   How do YOU feel about the Cereal Killer Cafe? Will you be there early doors or are you a hater? Leave a comment below to join in the conversation!