Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Secluded (VINTAGE) Tea Party - Full Write Up

  The Secluded (Vintage) Tea Party was held on a very hot and muggy Sunday 26th June 2011 at 2pm at a very special location indeed, and 100% perfect for a Vintage Themed Afternoon Tea Party.

Our venue for this afternoon event was The Barn, Kneesworth, just a mile from Royston, and not too far out of Cambridge. And being perfectly secluded, away from the main road within the car park of a very nice Indian restaurant and still with a country feel to this huge black barn full of treasures to explore. 

It was such a find when my best friend suggested I visit them a few months back - I am really glad I did!

This Aladdin's Cave of a shop sells everything from children's clothing, baby equipment, toys and books. Also maternity clothing, ladies evening wear and prom dresses, vintage clothing and bags, shoes, teacups and beautiful china, jewellery, furniture, (even carpets!) and much much more.
The Barn acts as a new and nearly new agency and their fantastic stock is ever changing and increasing, and hosts stockists such as Emu, The Vintage Shed and Mrs Bs Buttons

This was the perfect venue to invite my 16 guests to visit and spend their pocket money whilst also enjoying my menu of Savoury Pancetta & Red Onion Tartlets, Sandwich selection including the popular Ham & Garlic Jam filling, as well as my tempting Caramelised Pecan -Topped Scones with Apple & Rhubarb Preserve & Clotted Cream, Raspberry Ripple Layer Cake (Which had just about survived the heat by the time it came to cutting and serving) and the Cupcake Selection including my Caramel Ice Cream Cones and Carrot Cake in a Jar. It was such a fun menu to prepare and I did enjoy taste testing as I went along. Naturally.

 The Tea served at this afternoon event was a mix of the favourite blends from Tea Box, including Cricketers Tea and Rhubarb & Custard, both firm favourties and I would be silly not to offer them, both being fantastically different. I also sampled a new and locally sourced tea from Kandula Tea (Based in Peterborough) and a popular choice was their Ceylon Pink, which is suggested that you drink romantically with an edible flower, such as a rose... The serving suggestion that they make was far too risque to mention on my tea menu on the day... But visit their website for their cheeky suggestions. I love them so much!

Two of my guests had travelled 2 hours each way to come and join us for afternoon tea, to which I was mightily impressed! It hadn't clicked that they had dedicated such a long journey to join myself and my fellow guests for the afternoon, so I can't thank them enough for their dedication to the afternoon!... And they both had a ball picking up vintage gifts for their family as well as themselves, which was just fantastic to see.

All of my guests got on like a house on fire, and the conversation buzzed all afternoon, which, to the host is the best sound in the world : )
We had a lovely family with their two beautifully behaved daughters, many new Twitter friends that I have made recently including a lovely lady who hires Vintage China and her friend who offers Marketing, Events & PR, A fellow Rounders team mate of mine and her lovely lovely friends, a wonderful lady who is promoting and running this weekends' Fawcett Fete in Trumpington, as well as a few returning guests (They must think that I do something right to want to come back a second and third time hehe : )

As well as the Venue and the Guests being perfect in every way, we also had a real first in addition to these elements of the afternoon, that being live music from the beautiful and talented Kate Garner, who has recently been featured in Vintage Life magazine.
Kate is a local gem, living just down the road in Stevenage, and sat in a light and airy corner of The Barn, she belted out some lovely songs whilst playing her piano alongside them, serenading my guests whilst they tucked into my afternoon treats.
Kate sings the most quirky and quintessentially British songs, with a voice that I would liken to a light hearted Kate Bush in a very relaxed manner, perfectly matched to Afternoon Tea.
I am absolutely smitten with Kate, I think she is fantastic, and if you ever need live music for an event, she's your woman!
If I even had to be more impressed with Kate than I already am when I heard her music, I have learnt that she has performed alongside the likes of Roger Daltrey, Van Morrison and Chas and Dave (She is in fact the daughter of one half of said duo ; )

The Secluded Tea Party at The Barn was such a memorable afternoon, and one that I would love to replicate again in the future, so watch this space.

And in the meantime, get yourself down to Kneesworth, say hello to Sarah & Kelly and go and check out this place for yourself. They even have a soft play area to park the kids whilst you have a wander - It's perfect in every way, with the added bonus of free on-site parking.

Every time I pass with friends or family, I stop and whisk them around for a nosey, I just can't help but think it is a new and perfect secluded gem to share with everyone - and you all know by now, I love stumbling across new and secluded venues and locations : )

And thank you so much to my guests for making yet another wonderful afternoon work so well! Obviously these would never be successful without my guests, so if you enjoyed yourselves, then please do spread the word and tell your friends and family about your afternoon with a room full of friends and strangers and tea and cake at my invitation-only Afternoon Tea Party!

Miss Sue Flay

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Lost Art Of Letter Writing

I have been very excited this week to have received a really lovely letter in the mail from the QUEEN of letter writing herself - Claire from Letter Lounge, based in London.

This lovely handwritten envelope landed on my doormat with a flutter, rather than the usual thud of a handful of unwanted leaflets and holiday brochures... The pup didn't even woof at the postman on this particular morning.... I LOVE the letter receiving already!!

Claire and I will be teaming up in the summer and we are in cheeky planning mode for a fantabulous Al Fresco version of The Secluded Tea Party on Sunday 28th August at a fantastic SECRET GARDEN location in my wonderful new Tea Party Venue.
(A spacious Bell Tent to be precise : )
This letter was not only written to Miss Sue Flay, but also to my blog followers and she explains the concept of this event much better than I can....so here is what the letter says in all it's blue-lined glory....

" Dear Miss Sue Flay,

I just wanted to write to say how excited I am about the very first Al Fresco Secluded Tea Party! And of course, seeing your new Bell tent that we will be using as the venue on Sunday 28th August 2011 in a top secret location somewhere in Cambridgeshire.

Now I know your blog reader are very busy people, but I'd just like to explain a little more about this thing called Letter Lounge.
Basically, everyone loves finding a handwritten letter from an old friend on their doormat, and the best way to get one is to send one.
The thing is we're all so busy living our lives in a flurry of Twitter, Facebook and Emailing to ever find the time to put pen to paper, let alone walk to the post box. So I thought I'd try something to change all that - Letter Lounge - a space where you can come along to write the letters you never have time for and enjoy a bit of a social.

All you need to do is bring the address of the person you are going to write to.

I just can't wait to host a Letter Lounge with The Secluded Tea Party - It's going to be wonderful!

All My Love


Letter Lounge "
This Secluded Tea Party Event is available to book now, just click here... and the ticket price of £20 per person includes my delicious Afternoon Tea Treats, as well as letter writing equipment to use for the afternoon, including all the pens, paper and stamps you need to post your letter.

We even have a special musical guest joining us... He has been featured on my blog previously and he will be joining us to provide some light entertainment throughout the afternoon.

This is going to be so different and so much fun.... Come and join in a new first for The Secluded Tea Party!

Miss Sue Flay


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Secluded Tea Party Secret News...Shhh!‏

Hello from The Secluded Tea Party HQ!

 I hope that this post finds you well?

I have been so busy with all things Tea and Cake related, and there is no sign of things slowing down.... HUURAH : )

First things' first... And for the not so weak hearted of my readers... 

I am now pleased and very stupidly proud to announce, that we have one of the worlds most fanatical and clued up Zombie survivalists attending as a VIP zombie tea party guest on Friday 8th July 2011!
Sean T Page
 is a Zombie blogger and is zombie-renowned for writing "The Official Zombie Handbook (UK)". He has trekked across Patagonia, the Alps and the sahara, learning much from the locals on survival and dealing with ghouls. He has also been thrown out of various government offices for pursuing his views with such vigour and is one step away from having a restraining order to keep him away from his local member of parliament. We love him already!
Sean will be offering signed copies of his book, so come along with your pocket money for a chance to chat to him face to face and ask him all your burning Zmmbie Survival questions and discuss your Zombian Theories with him! - He will be getting into the Zombie spirit and will be dressed to impressed with the rest of us!
This evening event with a few fun twists and a relaxing evening with a secret Zombie-themed movie will be a great way to start the weekend!....There are just 30 tickets for this event up for grabs, with just 13 left now - So get in quick!... HERE!

If you haven't heard the news.... I am now the very proud owner of a new and perfect travelling venue for my Tea Parties..... a BELL TENT to be precise  : )
As well as being able to set up a Private Tea Party in your home, I can now travel
and pitch this fantastic and very retro tea party venue in your Garden or even host an After-Work Pop-Up Tea Party in my new Al Fresco venue! Contact me for more information and a chat about the endless possibilities!
I Can suggest booking for Civilised Hen Parties, Birthday Parties, Children's After School Tea Parties, "Ladies Wot Do Lunch" Tea Parties, Baby Showers, Sweet 16th, 18th, even 21st & 30th Birthdays, all served with beautiful vintage mis-matching china, Home-made Afternoon Tea Treats made & served by myself, Miss Sue Flay.
See my latest Blog post on this fabulous new addition to The Secluded Tea Party.
Check out my very first Al Fresco Bell Tent Tea party with the fantastic LetterLounge plus other special guests on Sunday 28th August 2011 for a very relaxed  Afternoon Tea.
More details below!


Thanks to the lovely Mark at Spuoc.com, a local gent who was introduced to me through Mister Flay (They play cricket together, and I naturaly love the traditionally British link! : ) , I now have a fantastic new logo for The Secluded Tea Party and a new website coming very soon!
I am stupidly excited about this move, and it is all really starting to feel a little more than just dress up and play time now hehe : )

My blog will still be used and linked, but alongside a new and stylish website too... Check it out for a sneaky preview! - And do let me know what you think!More to come very soon.


My lovely friends, Caroline & Simon at Letsgopunting.co.uk are having fun on the river this week now that the sun is back in the sky and the rain is holding out -TOUCH WOOD!.. And you are all invited to take a chauffeured punt along the famous Cambridge backs and put your feet up after a busy day at work or a busy Saturday shopping spree! Simon told me just last week that the very best time to take a punt along the river is of an evening when the tourists have all headed back to their hotels and the youths have all headed to the pubs! They have taken some fantastic photos on both weekday and weekend evenings with a clear view and no playful students in the background. PERFECT for us locals who get annoyed with the crowds!They are keen to show everybody this side of the river as well as the daytime buzz, and it really is a huge bonus to have Simon on board as a local lad born and bred - He knows his stuff and he is a true Cambridge gent. You will all love him!And not forgetting, you can now order my Layer Cakes (Such as my yummy Victoria Sponge with Forest Berry Jam) or Afternoon Tea treats to enjoy on board too, should you wish to make an afternoon or evening of it!
The two team perfectly to make for a relaxing afternoon or evening, whatever the occasion.
Just email them and let them know Miss Sue Flay sent you : )

Tickets also still available for my Picnic and Punting Tea Party with these guys on Sunday 14th July! See below for more info!

The Lovely Alice Ryan at Cambridgeshire Journal has produced a fantastic 4 PAGE spread on The Secluded Tea Party and it is featured in this months' (June) issue which is out now!
You can buy it from your local supermarket, and not only will you find the lovely photo shoot that we had fun taking part in at Plurabelle Books last month (Which was also home to The Secluded (Book Club!) Tea Party back in March, but it also hosts a lovely monthly feature written by my friend Tine at Cambridge Cookery School - Who are also running a GREAT local project with Milton Primary School where they are cooking food and taking it to Jimmy's Night Shelter!... They will be followed on Thursday 23rd June by local press, so do follow and support them with this fun and educational project.
The Cambridgeshire Journal is a FAB local magazine, and I suggest you go out and have a read and share my feature with your friends and family and help spread the Tea party word ; )


On Wednesday 6th July, the fabulous new Cambridge Supper Club will be swinging through Cambridge for it's second *Bring Your Own Dish* Supper Club event.
The fabulous Diane Armitage, Supperclub Host, will be greeting her guests at a secret spot on Newnham Common at 6.30pm, which will make for a fab way to spend the evening after a hard days work! (Or day off Zombie baking, if you are me ; )
All you need to do is let Diane know what dish you plan to make and bring to add to the picnic menu... And then come along and enjoy the company of food loving friends. Simple!
I went to her first event last month, and we enjoyed a lovely country escape! I will be at this one too!... I love the idea of the bring your own food, it's so relaxed and a great talking point.
Check out her website.

If you haven't yet heard of this new and very local Tea, then where have you been?!
Kandula Tea offers a rare and classic set of Ceylon teas, inscluding a beautiful and natural pink tea which will be featured at The Secluded (VINTAGE) Tea Party this coming Sunday for my guests to enjoy.
It is even suggested that you drink this cup of refreshing tea romantically, by dropping an edible flower, such as a rose into it and serving....well... Check out their website to see the serving suggestion ; )


Friday 8th July 2011 - 7.30pm-11pm
The Secluded (ZOMBIE!) Tea
- 13 Places left to book! (Guests Must be aged 18+)
Details and Booking HERE!
- Gory and very different sweet treats!
   Suggested Donation is £20 Per Guest

Sunday 14th August 2011 - 5pm-8pm
The Secluded (PUNTING & PICNIC!) Tea Party
- 6 Spaces Left To Book
Details and Booking HERE!   
Suggested Donation is £25 Per Guest
   (To cover punting tour and Picnic Tea Party)

Sunday 28th August 2011 - 2pm-4.30pm
The Secluded (AL FRESCO!) Tea Party
- 12 Spaces Available
THE VERY FIRST AL FRESCO SECLUDED TEA PARTY in my Travelling Retro Tea Party Venue!
Come along and join MSF & The Letter Lounge and chill out whilst writing a letter you haven't had time to write!            
MENU HERE         
Suggested Donation is £20 Per Guest

**NEW** The Secluded (Bridal!) Tea Party
**NEW** The Secluded (FRENCH FANCY!) Tea Party
The Secluded (MURDER MYSTERY!) Tea Party

I hope to see you very soon at The Secluded Tea Party table : )
And don't forget to drop me a line if you ever fancy a chat or if you have any ideas or inspiration of any kind....
I am Open to absoloutly everything, so do get in touch!

Kindest Regards,

Miss Sue Flay (Read it Aloud!)


Chat to me on Twitter: TheSecludedTea

Like my Facebook Page: The Secluded Tea Party

Monday, 20 June 2011

Fooding In the Rain...

This weekend was the only weekend that I could get away with Mister Flay for a few months, so we decided to head to Suffolk on a Food Tour and try out some destinations whilst camping in a BEAUTIFUL Orchard in the middle of the Countryside. 
What we hadn't expected was that we would get soaked through to the bone on both the Friday night whilst pitching our canvas home... Stressful!... And again whilst walking along the coast on the Saturday! Never mind, we were able to laugh it off most of the time... Including the moment that we stood on Southwold Beach and realised that the rolling black clouds were heading straight for us, and at the very same time got caught up in a huge black thunder and rain storm. Soaked through. Again. Hehe.
What made up for this disastrous weather was the lovely food that we got to sample on our travels, and this more than made up for it.
On Saturday we drove to a very damp yet quiet Aldeburgh and enjoyed a wander around the town, even spotting some fantastic beach art, where a man had made a very impressive ship out of rocks and stones from the beach. We were in awe!... beats our usual messy sand art every time! Hehe.

After tweeting last week with the lovely Sarah of Brays Cottage, we couldn't resist popping in to the superb Lawsons Delicatessen to pick up some of her delicious Pork Pies... they are AMAZING if you haven't been lucky enough to try them. They are Really meaty, with a really buttery pie crust... No rubbish in these beasty snacks. The best pork pie I have genuinely ever tasted. I can see why people in my life are raving about them.
Whilst at Lawsons, we also picked up some more of our favourite Artisan Smokehouse smoked Italian Olive Oil, that we had originally found at MsMarmiteLovers Underground Night Market, and needed to stock up on this smoky oil, of which we have been enjoying with a locally sourced Cranberry Balsamic Vinegar for our dipping breads at picnics.
We could have spent a fortune in here... No wait, we did!... hehe. We also picked up some locally produced Dingley Dell bacon for our camping breakfast on Sunday morning (Which went fantastically with the freshly laid eggs from our campsite, courtesy of our ever so friendly, biker-cum-campsite hosts Graham & Sandie at Bailiffs Cottage).
All this food purchasing had racked up an appetite and after spending way too long in Lawsons, we headed to the recently taken over Cragg Sisters Tearooms, which was a tiny cottage Tea Rooms, complete with Rose Garden at the end of the main shopping strip in the main part of town.
The service was so friendly, and we just couldn't help but indulge in a shared Cream Tea, which offered 2 huge and freshly baked scones, with Clotted Cream & Raspberry Jam. Light, fluffy and delicious. Mister Flay enjoyed a pot of Darjeeling and I sipped on a fragrant Earl Grey Tea. This all came to £8, and we thought it was
FANTASTIC Value for Money. And we did leave a tip, we were very impressed with the service. DO take cash with you if you go though... They don't accept card payments.
We even got chatting a couple of fellow campers on the table next to us who had also had a lucky find with their camp site.
We were obviously not the only ones braving it this weekend!
We also took a detour towards Southwold for a few hours over the weekend too, incorporating a trip down to a very quiet and black sky over the beach and harbour.
We picked up a Crab for my dad to keep him happy for fathers day, and after a disastrous walk along the beach (We got sheet rain, Thunder AND Lightening- Rubbish!)... we headed to Tilly's Tearooms, with a very cute 1920's spin on Afternoon Tea.
It had a very black and white interior and it had a really cute touch to each table in the form of a book next to the sugar bowl. We had a scout around the tables and noted "The Jungle Book", A book on Afternoon Tea, and various Beatrix Potter stories dotted around. I really liked this little touch to the tables.
We opted for a  mixed tier of Sandwiches, Hot Sausage rolls, Warm Cheese Scones with butter melted on top (Never had these before and they were divine!) and Mini Fruit scones (Which disappointingly had double cream dolloped on top...Hmmm) and a slice of Coffee & Walnut Cake which Mister Flay happily polished off when I was stuffed to the brim : )
We opted for a pot of coffee for a change, and I also sampled the Strawberry Tea which was lovely, but didn't go too well with the savoury mouthfuls.
It was very expensive for what we got, at £10 per savoury and £10 per sweet, we enjoyed the surroundings and the 1920's background music, but pretty steep for what you actually got in the value for money stakes. But they did accept card payments, which was handy as we were cash spent!
We ended our weekend with a dry tent to pack away... thank goodness!
And after reading and hearing about my lovely friend Deepa and her raving review of The British Larder, near Woodbridge, we decided to hop in on the way back through on Sunday Lunchtime. We had forgotten it was fathers day, however, they seated us at the very last table available in the bar... LUCK was definitely in our favour for once!
The service was top notch from the very start to the very end. We had such a friendly and knowledgeable waiter and he made recommendation which got us salivating before we had even started.
We opted for some Deli sharing platters, and at £12 each these are a great way to try lots of local flavours and produce in a real fun way. The waiter was even honest with us and told us that the platters came with bread, so not to order it as a side unless we felt we wanted more...and it was plenty. So his honesty did not go unnoticed, as this has been where we have been stung at previous restaurants in the past. So we were very impressed at this.
I choose the Dingley Dell Pork tasting Board which offered A Chicken & Pork Terrine, Lentil & Ham Hock Salad, Celeriac Remoulade, a colourful shot of Pea & Ham soup, Fresh Pump Street Bakery Bread with salted butter, a delicious green salad and a warm and most addictive Scotch Egg with a soft boiled egg and the most tender meat I have ever tried, my favourite part of this platter.
Mister Flay chose the Farmhouse Ploughmans tasting board which offered the Dingley Dell Smoked Ham, Farmhouse Cheddar, a Soft Boiled Duck Egg, British Larder made pickles, Braised Red Cabbage, Devilled Sutton Hoo Chicken Livers and a warm Sausage Roll served with Mini gherkins and the green salad.
Once we had sampled everything at least twice over, we couldn't fit any more in, and we had to admit defeat, which was a shame, as I would have loved to have polished everything off!
However, when the waiter cleared our plates, he did somehow manage to gently persuade us to try the dessert menu, of which we are thankful we did!
We chose the famous Treacle Tart, served with Suffolk Meadow Vanilla Ice Cream which was just gorgeous and a real cleanser!
And I chose the Gin & Mulberry Bakewell, served with Home-made custard. WOW... Such a great dish, and a real inspiration for future tea party menus!
We managed to slowly walk around Woodbridge for a while afterwards, just to help the menu go down before travelling home again. We will most certainly be returning next year for a treat, safe in the knowledge that the menu will have changed by then, but knowing that it will taste fantastic and fresh regardless. A real must for any food lovers out there who enjoy great food, but don't feel comfortable dining in Michelin star establishments. We have never been made to feel so welcome.
A perfect and very satisfying weekend all round, regardless of the pesky rain! 

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Secluded (ZOMBIE!) Tea Party Is Proud To Present.....Our VIP Zombie Guest!


.... The Secluded Tea Party is now pleased and very stupidly proud to announce, that we have one of the worlds most fanatical and clued up Zombie survivalists attending as a VIP zombie tea party guest on Friday 8th July!

Sean T Page is a zombie blogger and is zombie-renowned for writing "The Official Zombie Handbook (UK)". 

He has trekked across Patagonia, the Alps and the sahara, learning much from the locals on survival and dealing with ghouls. He has also been thrown out of various government offices for pursuing his views with such vigour and is one step away from having a restraining order to keep him away from his local member of parliament. 

We love him already!

Sean is quoted as saying: "95% of the population probably think i should be sectioned. the remaining 5% are who I rely on to spread the word - these are the folks who will survive a zombie apocalypse and help to rebuild our country in the aftermath."

Working in business for over 10 years and (surprisingly) educated at the london school of economics, his secret passion is battling the undead and preparing the nation for the day the zombies arrive. 

Sean will be joining us for the secluded (ZOmbie) tea party and he will be offering a very interactive chat about all things zombie before our top secret zombie movie is shown. 

He will also be selling and signing copies of his zombie handbook, so bring some spare cash in your zombie smocks ; ) 

We have limited this gory and 18+ evening to 30 tickets... with over half now sold, so get in quick for the perfect scary and zombie-cational event to end the week/start the weekend with a bang!.... 

Guests of a nervous disposition need not attend.

Menu will consist of edible zombie delights such as bleeding heart cupcakes....

For more information and to book yout tickets click here

I look forward to meating at our apocalyptic venue. 

Miss Zombie Flay 


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Camping, Glamping & Bell Tents

How many of my blog readers can actually say right here, right now, that you love camping?

I would imagine a fair few of you!... 

My answers....Well, I LOVE camping now that I can go with a huge blow up mattress that upsets the peace and quiet of the entire tent-al neighbourhood, and when I can get away with not having the stress of the pup in tow ; )

Hehe the last time we took the pup camping was in the middle of a family friendly field... We were all happily snoozing in the sun when a carefree pooch trotted on by not too far ahead of us.... My little bugger got up and ran full pelt towards said pooch... Unbeknownst to him that when he got to end of the long lead he would then spring backwards in a comical Scooby Doo-esque moment! 

Stressful at the time... Hilarious looking back hehe.

Nowadays, I enjoy a weekend away near the Suffolk coast, a nice big tent with as many luxuries as we can afford to take and a nice clean toilet block... preferably with a plug for my hair straighteners! (Nobody wants to see the Curly Sue on my head.... It is just not a good look!)

Technically, this is called *Glamping* - Glamorous Camping (Not that I think any camping can be really glamorous all of the time, personally!)
And as much as I have argued with friends that this is not cheating... I just can't bare to sleep on a hard sloping floor in a sleeping bag. I DO have valid reasons for this, but I am still seen as a glamper haha. I give in... And I agree to disagree!

So... This weekend takes myself and Mister Flay off to the coast... Norfolk or suffolk, undecided as of yet, but needless to say we will be pootling off for a well deserved couple of days at a quiet spot, trying out a few food stops along the way of course.

Now, one thing I would like to do is find somewhere lovely to have Afternoon tea. Naturally.
So any suggestions would be most kind : ) 

And, not forgetting the Tent itself, replacing our usual blue shell of a tent for something a little more fun and quirky... My brand new travelling Tea Party venue to be exact!
This venue, I can now reveal is going to be.... A Retro Bell Tent, Complete with roll up sides!
I am stupidly excited about this travelling venue, where I will be popping up in many different countryside locations to host a beautiful Al Fresco version of The Secluded Tea Party!
If the weather is as glorious as it has been, then the sides will be rolled up and this tea party venue will be the best place to be for an hour or two on a sunny Sunday Afternoon, sipping on iced tea and eating my tasty treats. Perfect. 
The very first Al Fresco Tea Party will be hosted on Sunday 28th August 2011 at 2pm... of course, at a very top secret location, somewhere within the Cambridgeshire Countryside!
Come along to this event for a real and very exciting first for myself and my guests....

Or why not book Miss Sue Flay and her travelling Bell Tent to pop up in your very own garden or venue for your own Private Afternoon Tea session... Or if you are a business, a model or you need a quirky venue for a photoshoot or even a private event..... Anything goes!... just email me at thesecludedteaparty@live.co.uk to chat : ) 

Miss Sue Flay 
: )

Monday, 13 June 2011

REVIEW: Greens Coffee Shop, Cambourne

Last week I booked myself a few days off from my day job and enjoyed some great weather, offering me the chance to relax, get on top of some of those chores that I have been putting off and given the chance to catch up with friends and family. 

It was only 3 days, but it felt like a week! It was pure bliss.

On my last day, naturally, I had the end-of-holiday-blues and decided to enjoy a lovely long walk around Cambourne and it's nature reserves with my dad and the pup.
The sun came out and I actually came out in a heat rash by the end of it, lovely.

Of course, a 1 hour walk with your nature-loving old man, never ends up being exactly that. Nope. more like a 2 hour stop and start tour all over the place... Walking along one trail I would hear *Stop, stop, stop.... Cherry trees through here!*... And off he would stomp through the (wilderness?!), sniffing out the tiniest cherries I have ever seen! Amazing.

Continuing on, a little while later I would get another *Stop, Hang on a minute..... Look... look at this... Come here....*.... Pointing to the minutest, teeniest, tiniest little stump on a tree in the middle of a field, way off the beaten track.
Asking him what it is, as of course, that is what he wants you to do... he then proudly tells me that in a few years time this will be a huge hanging wonderment of mistletoe... all being well. 
My dad is obsessed with growing mistletoe. 

It's always so cryptic with my father. But we all know what he means. Worryingly.
He throws seeds in random places in the vain hope that some bizarre flower will grow in that place a few years later. It usually does, and gets pointed out on a walk or a drive ; )
He has been known to take cuttings and green-fingerdly *glue* them to trees, in the vain hope that the birds will help make this seasonal plant?/flower? grow!

Simple things. You gotta love him for this! Hehe. 
And the pup loves his random excursions as he can stop and have a rest whilst dad is poking around in a hedge or an overgrown field, as you can see.....

It was actually a lovely walk and we saw some really pretty daytime moths, even a kestrel eating a squirrel... lovely. 

As a treat, when we finally made it home, I decided to pop down to my local coffee shop, Greens Coffee and Co, who I am always raving about to people, purely because their customer service is second to none!
A friendly smile from ANY team member serving, GREAT food, more importantly - GREAT cake, and a new and fab selection of coffees, teas and now even iced teas. My new favourite beverage! Especially their refreshing Jasmine & Lime Iced Tea. 

Julie and her team celebrated their first year in Cambourne a couple of weeks ago, and long may they reign.
They have a fantastic space, inside and out, and it's the best place to head to when you need a refreshing brew and a flick of a magazine or a catch up with friends.

My personal joy with popping in here at any time of the week, is that I will always bump into somebody I know, being such a small community here!
In fact, today I actually bumped into 4 people I knew, so not much work got done on my laptop whilst I was there hehe.
Free Wifi is another blessing... Or excuse to visit, if you need another one!

I would also turn down a Starbucks Blend for one of Greens Iced Coffees ANY day!
Their Toffee flavoured Iced Frappe is especially good... Even mister Flay favours these..and he is a Starbucks FIEND : ) 

If you haven't been to Greens Coffee and Co, I suggest you get your rear down there now!
And if you do pop in, let me know beforehand, and If I am around, I will gladly use it as an excuse to pop down for a chin wag. 

Miss Sue Flay