Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Baking At Cambridge Cookery School - My First Session!

Last weekend consisted of baking...baking....and well... more baking!

But this was a weekend with a very welcome relaxed and stress-free difference!

I was baking for the Crafty Tea Party at the very prestigious Cambridge Cookery School, which is in fact perfectly secluded within the City of Cambridge itself, a real local secret that is best kept under lock and key, otherwise everybody would want to spend time here in our lovely peaceful grounds and garden!
It is the ideal location for The Secluded Tea Party to be cooking from!

So, as of now, I will be baking and preparing all food and Afternoon Treats for my Tea parties from this modern and spacious kitchen, which had me baking with a huge smile on my face for the entire first Saturday here : )

I was able to spread out and make the most of this wonderful space... I used FOUR of the Cookery School work stations, one for each dish that I made hehe.
It made life so much easier and I even had the luxury of fast working dishwashers to keep the washing up right down. (A job in itself that would add at least half an hour to do between each dish at home in my own kitchen sink).... A Luxury I had never even considered before now. I never want to wash up with my own fair hands again!... But I will!

I cranked my Ipod up to a high volume and belted out a few Rock Ballads, a few cheesy pop songs and even some Reggae whilst I baked away happily and quicker than ever before : )
I find music whilst baking is the ultimate relaxant, a must every time the oven is turned on in the "Flay" household.... Although I am not the best singer, so best that these attempts stay behind closed doors!

The BEST thing about cooking at the Cookery School is the equipment you are able to use here. It is all the latest and best quality equipment including a great selection of electrical gadgets from Phillips, Neff, Kitchen Devils, as well as striking aprons designed especially for the Cookery School by Cooking Gorgeous and not forgetting the beautiful crockery from iittala to eat and drink from throughout your class here.

If you get excited about a good set of knives to use, or a pretty coffee cup to drink from, or a great feeling whisk to whip up your cake batter, I can't rate The Cambridge Cookery School highly enough. 

This is NOT an advertisement - I can't stress this enough!... These are purely my views and my own personal want to blog this : ) 
I am just such a huge geeky fan of this place, that I believe that everybody should take a visit there at LEAST once in their life!.... But I can't promise that you won't get hooked!

Tine has a few really interesting sounding classes coming up this month including a summer Fish class and Tuscan Summer Food Class... Give them a go! 
I might even join in if Tine needs a hand : )

And I promise to better my skills and learn from the very best team around whilst I am floating around making cakes and scones and the like!.... They can only get BETTER as the year goes on, thanks to the fountain of knowledge surrounding me within these 4 walls of a very unassuming warehouse in the middle of Cambridge City....

Miss Sue Flay 


  1. Sounds like a brilliant idea. I've been toying with the idea of using our local community kitchen as mine is way too small. But it's only an idea at present. Are you paying or are they letting you do this out of the goodness of their heart?

  2. Go for it! I would imagine a community Kitchen or centre will do you a good deal : ) Hope you find somewhere : )