Friday, 10 June 2011

The Secluded Vintage Tea Party Just Weeks Away

A little while back I shared with you a few tracks from my Ipod Play list, and I asked if you could guess which one of those talented guests might be attending The Secluded Vintage Tea Party on Sunday 26th June 2011....

Well, I am still not going to tell you who it is!... haha... I know, I am evil, but I love teasing and making my guests wait and see, as you will be aware by now : ) 

I can confirm, that one of my play list favourites is in fact now set to perform LIVE at my next tea party in a couple of weeks time. Very exciting I can tell you! 
A real first for The Secluded Tea Party.

In fact, I met with them a few weeks ago at a Vintage Fair outside of Cambridge (Makes a change to escape to another city, and I found a few bargains for my cakes to stand proudly on!) and they tried my delicious cinnamon glazed scones and also gave them a rave review.
I must say I blushed a little to have such a nice scone review - Always glad to hear people enjoying my afternoon delights : ) 

I am also THRILLED to advise, that The Secluded (Vintage) Tea Party is now sold out, and I even have a waiting list, just in case! 
This is fantastic news, and I can't wait for this afternoon to commence, it is going to be so much fun.

This secret Location will be somewhere fitting for the title of this afternoon, and it is HIGHLY suggested that my guests bring along their purse (or wallet!) along for a splurge whilst enjoying some live entertainment and of course my delicious afternoon tea menu. 

This secluded venue is a local treasure and more people need to know about it...and they will after this event!
I have already spent a good few hours in here browsing and I still haven't had time to look at absolutely everything... it will keep guests amused for hours, avoiding the crowds and general public on this day.


Something Sparkling on Arrival

Savoury Red Onion & Pancetta Tartlets


Sandwiches, Including:
Free Range Egg with Mayonnaise & Cress
Ham & Garlic Jam

Home-made Fruit & Spice Scones
with a Caramelised Pecan Topping,
served with locally made Rhubarb & Apple Preserve

Raspberry Ripple Layer Cake

Miss Sue Flay's Cupcake Selection, including:

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Carrot Cake Cupcakes


Selection of unlimited Loose Leaf teas served,
courtesy of TeaBoxOnline and Kandula Teas.

The Venue... At a top secret location, revealed to guests a few days prior to the event!...

Should you wish to come along to a similar upcoming version of The Secluded Tea Party,
I can recommend putting your name down for the August Tea Parties, which include a
Punting & Picnic Tea Party  Or my very First Al Fresco Tea Party under my new travelling
Tea Party Venue!... Both are going to be fantastic afternoons, and you must come and try them!

Either email me at for a chat or book directly at to secure your place.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon : ) 

Miss Sue Flay

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