Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Camping, Glamping & Bell Tents

How many of my blog readers can actually say right here, right now, that you love camping?

I would imagine a fair few of you!... 

My answers....Well, I LOVE camping now that I can go with a huge blow up mattress that upsets the peace and quiet of the entire tent-al neighbourhood, and when I can get away with not having the stress of the pup in tow ; )

Hehe the last time we took the pup camping was in the middle of a family friendly field... We were all happily snoozing in the sun when a carefree pooch trotted on by not too far ahead of us.... My little bugger got up and ran full pelt towards said pooch... Unbeknownst to him that when he got to end of the long lead he would then spring backwards in a comical Scooby Doo-esque moment! 

Stressful at the time... Hilarious looking back hehe.

Nowadays, I enjoy a weekend away near the Suffolk coast, a nice big tent with as many luxuries as we can afford to take and a nice clean toilet block... preferably with a plug for my hair straighteners! (Nobody wants to see the Curly Sue on my head.... It is just not a good look!)

Technically, this is called *Glamping* - Glamorous Camping (Not that I think any camping can be really glamorous all of the time, personally!)
And as much as I have argued with friends that this is not cheating... I just can't bare to sleep on a hard sloping floor in a sleeping bag. I DO have valid reasons for this, but I am still seen as a glamper haha. I give in... And I agree to disagree!

So... This weekend takes myself and Mister Flay off to the coast... Norfolk or suffolk, undecided as of yet, but needless to say we will be pootling off for a well deserved couple of days at a quiet spot, trying out a few food stops along the way of course.

Now, one thing I would like to do is find somewhere lovely to have Afternoon tea. Naturally.
So any suggestions would be most kind : ) 

And, not forgetting the Tent itself, replacing our usual blue shell of a tent for something a little more fun and quirky... My brand new travelling Tea Party venue to be exact!
This venue, I can now reveal is going to be.... A Retro Bell Tent, Complete with roll up sides!
I am stupidly excited about this travelling venue, where I will be popping up in many different countryside locations to host a beautiful Al Fresco version of The Secluded Tea Party!
If the weather is as glorious as it has been, then the sides will be rolled up and this tea party venue will be the best place to be for an hour or two on a sunny Sunday Afternoon, sipping on iced tea and eating my tasty treats. Perfect. 
The very first Al Fresco Tea Party will be hosted on Sunday 28th August 2011 at 2pm... of course, at a very top secret location, somewhere within the Cambridgeshire Countryside!
Come along to this event for a real and very exciting first for myself and my guests....

Or why not book Miss Sue Flay and her travelling Bell Tent to pop up in your very own garden or venue for your own Private Afternoon Tea session... Or if you are a business, a model or you need a quirky venue for a photoshoot or even a private event..... Anything goes!... just email me at thesecludedteaparty@live.co.uk to chat : ) 

Miss Sue Flay 
: )


  1. I used to love camping...and I really do love the idea of Glamping even more, but would prefer to do it in a relaxed manner which means no pets or kids to worry about...lol

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Blessings Kelsie

  2. We will do if we can find a campsite that isn't fully booked this weekend - Doh! : )

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