Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Vote now for Vivien of Holloway!

Some of you may well have heard of this lovely shop on Holloway Road, London, "Vivien of Holloway", where you can find a treasure trove of 50's vintage-style clothes and shoes, as well as accesories!
I have been chatting via email to the LOVELY Emma at Vivien of Holloway about their dresses, as I have indeed been eyeing them up for some time now.... partly due to the fact that I am getting married next year, and I have had my eye on a dress or two for something fun and fitting with the style of the day..... but also.... Of course......to find myself something suitable and above all else, FUN to wear whilst hosting my tea parties!

So....to find a dress that I will want to wear again and again.....this will not be a difficult task....as I have my eye on ALL of them! It will just be a matter of getting myself down to London between xmas and new year and spending my pennies on a pretty dress or two....and I can't wait to do this!!!!

And whilst doing some research on their lovely website today (Go to: http://www.vivienofholloway.com to view their amazing outfits and ideas for inspiration if nothing else!)

They have their own blog, that you can follow through their website...and they are looking for votes through The Telegraph Magazine for people to vote for "The Best Small Shops in Britain"!
I have cast my vote for Vivien of Holloway...and perhaps you could all take a few minutes to do the same and help them to get this fun award : )

Vivien of Holloway will be making an appearance at tea parties in the future in the form of a beautiful 1950s vintage-style dress....worn by myself, Miss Sue flay!

So please do take a look at their website and blog....they are truly amazing!!


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