Monday, 6 December 2010

Miss Sue Flay's Virtual Advent Calender!!!.......

Yes....December is here....and seeing as I LOVE my photos and taking random snaps everywhere I go, I thought that I would share them with my guests and followers, by posting a photo each day throughout December!

I have started this idea through Twitter, and have been posting a new one each day...and surprised myself in actually keeping to the idea...albeit only 6 days so far haha.....I forget to open my own advent calender every day so far this month!!!...DOH!

The advent Pictures that I am posting are a mix of Xmassy pictures and pictures that I have taken throughout the year...Including tea party-related scenes as well as cupcakes, and recipe experimentation!
Everything that has basically put a smile on my face this year so far : )

But here are the first 6 days to catch you up.......and more to follow of course!

Happy Count Down!!!!.........

1st December 2010:
    My Cookie Monster Creation for a bit of fun at Cupcake Club (Cambridge)- Nom Nom!

2nd December 2010: 
The Garlic Jam that makes sense in a sandwich! - Promise!

3rd December 2010:
Dreaming of Jam-Serving robots to make life simpler!.....So Cute too!

4th December 2010: 
Dusty enjoying a well deserved cuppa!

5th December 2010:
GIGANTO Xmas Tree at Clarice House Spa! - Overwhelmingly HUGE! 

6th December 2010:
The Puppy getting into the festive spirit! Treats galore for him - Promise!!

7th December 2010:   
A sneak preview of the accompaniment to the Xmas Tea Party's Scones....

8th December 2010:
 Xmas Gift Inspiration...

9th December 2010:      
A Sneak preview of The Secluded Tea Party! ... 

10th December 2010:
An ode to MsMarmiteLover hehe! - Ick!?!

11th December 2010
Secret Santa visited the Pup....HAPPY boy haha!

12th December 2010:
My Xmas Log at The Secluded (Xmas!) tea Party! YUMmy!

13th December 2010:
TASTY Chocolate Ganache - Recipe learnt at Cambridge Cookery School! 

14th December 2010: 

A surprisingly tasty Beetroot & Pecan cake from Abantu in Bourn! Yummy : )

15th December 2010:   
 Miss Sue Flay's Yummy Oreo Cupcake....Everybody should try one! : ) 

16th December 2010:
A really great gift from a fellow Twitterer! - Munich Beer you ARE a star! 

17th December 2010: 
The goodies I made at Cambridge Cookery School : ) So much fun!!!! Highly rated : ) 

18th December 2010: 
...My little snowman hehe....LOVE HIM so much!!

19th December 2010: second attempt at chocolate macaroons! MUCH BETTER YUM!

20th December 2010:
 Have a virtual hot choc with all trimmings for me!

21st December 2010: 
.I am LOVING my first Xmas gift!..antique tea for one set!...Thanks to my lovely fiancé!! X

22nd December 2010: 
Check out the Icicles at the Gog Magog Farmshop in Cambridgeshire! 

23rd December 2010: 
I Found these pretty little advent pockets on a line at Rosie & Dolly in Ely!

24th December 2010: 
Xmas Eve!!! Have some Brussels for me : ) hehe xx

25th December 2010: 
HAPPY XMAS 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 - Thank you for following my Advent countdown!!!
Hope you got spoilt by your loved ones and have a FAB 2011!!!



  1. Your macaroons looked fabulous!

  2. They were delicious Bernideen!!! I learnt my first EVER recipe for these last week at Cambridge Cookery School and had such a blast! (Although my attempt there somehow flopped, and they were like pancakes hehe....So i was determined ot have another go! ...Glad I did : ) xxx