Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Curiosity Project

Another twitter adventure has arisen recently, in the form of The Curiosity Project, thanks to one of my fellow tweeters taking part in a exciting and new blog idea that's been taken by storm and it has been dreamt up by the lovely Tiffany Grant-Riley, a Wedding planner and stylist who has a hunger for getting people to get crafty and/or thoughtful and send a box of goodies to a complete stranger for the sheer fun of it. 

What's not to love about that idea?!

It's a bit like Secret Santa, but you post a box of random gifts up to the value of £20 to your recipient, with no idea of what they might like to receive.... It's a little nerve wracking trying to decide what to put in that box, but so addictive getting involved.

If you love surprises or enjoy pampering other people with presents "Just because..." 
then this blog is just the ticket for you.

You can sign up every couple of months, completing a form with your name and contact details and await further instruction.
The whole idea behind it is very British and traditional by taking the simple concept of chain letters that I think most of us attempted back in primary school and making this a little bigger and better than just a letter this time around. 
 Using the postman to deliver a parcel... by hand... I think most of you will agree, there is nothing more exciting than having the postman ring the doorbell with a parcel for you!

All that is asked of you is to put some thought into your curiosity box - Make your gifts, write a note or a poem, find a curious charity shop item or an antique, share a recipe, tell a story, decorate the box however you like and make it personal.

Remember, you will be getting one in return, so make it as you would want to receive it, it's so easy to get engrossed once you get started. Very addictive indeed.

Tiffany offers a few guidelines and even postage advice before you sign up, so you can check it all out before you commit to The Curiosity Project. It's very helpful and just irons out any queries you may have before getting involved, although its such a simple idea, why would you not want to?!

I am in the middle of preparing my first recipients' Curiosity Box as I type, however, I actually received my own curiosity box this weekend and it was stupidly exciting receiving it.
I hadn't expected it to arrive, so it was an added bonus when I saw it sitting in the hallway just waiting patiently to be opened when I got home from work. The box was small & delicately handmade with a pretty button and pattern on the top with very cute cake related sayings on the sides - MORE than appropriate for me hehe!

My Curiosity Project partner had sent me a beautifully handmade tea cosy and pretty mug warmer which both match in material. They had also put a couple of labels in there telling me that they were made by their own fair hands, which automatically made me jealous of their skills, as they are just stunning and I needed a new tea cosy for my afternoon tea parties, so it was an extremely welcome gift.

They had also found such a gorgeous miniature teapot with 2 matching teeny cups and saucers which would almost be small enough to put inside a dolls house.... So lovely and the set will be placed proudly alongside my antique tea set in my lounge at The Secluded Tea Party HQ.

Thank you so much, whoever you are, I love all of my gifts : )  
- Mine is soon to be on it's way to my very own secret recipient, eek! 

Such a thoughtful Curiosity Box.... And it makes it even better when somebody makes you a gift or two with such charm and warmth. It makes me realise just how great the world wide web is and what adventures there are for people to get involved in.

Why not get stuck into the next Curiosity Project yourself?.... 
DO leave a comment below if you have been involved, or indeed plan to in the future... 

Miss Sue Flay


  1. This is such an amazing idea... I'm so glad you shared it! I'll definitely be signing up :-) xxx

  2. You definitely have to sign up, it's such a great idea, I am glad to have been involved : ) xx

  3. This is cool, think i will sign up too. Eternally jealous of the mini tea set you got!

  4. I found your link & pics on facebook .. I am really glad you liked it! thank you very much for writing such a great review. I will keep myself anonymous but just to prove it was me :-) all the blue stitching on some of the flowers is free machine embroidery and the little tea pot and cups are from Spain, hand made & painted. Please enjoy it!! x