Thursday, 5 April 2012

“A Calendar Of Bakes” - With Cambridge Folk Museum

A very unique event is coming to Cambridge, of which Miss Sue Flay of The Secluded Tea Party will be co-hosting. It will be a very fun and educational cake-inspired event with the fabulous team at Cambridge Folk Museum in the very heart of our lovely city of Cambridge.

“A Calendar Of Bakes”

With The Secluded Tea Party and
Tamsin Wimhurst & Susan Miller
of Cambridge Folk Museum

Sunday 29th April 2012


£18 per guest 

to include a full afternoon tea, cake discussions &
 a very special museum tour.

Guests will be joining us at the beautifully secluded Vintage Tea Room at the Folk Museum to enjoy afternoon tea, with loose leaf tea and homemade cakes & treats inspired by traditional recipes and inspiration from the afternoon tea-based research conducted by the lovely ladies at the Museum.

We have had so much fun looking into local and national recipes and cake trends over the months and years and have decided to bring to the table an informal discussion on seasonal cakes and our interesting findings looking back into the history of these delicious creations.

Whilst there, we will be sat with a cup of tea in hand and a slice of cake or two, enjoying a fun talk hosted by the extremely passionate Tamsin and Susan who work closely together at the museum.

It will be very interactive, so bring your cake knowledge and questions with you, we will enjoy a very informal chat throughout the afternoon, with all of us most likely learning new information from our fellow guests as well as these lovely ladies in the know.

In fact, not much is said about the Cambridge history of cakes, other than that we know, looking back, that Dough Cakes sometimes called "Lardy Cakes" were a popular product of many Cambridgeshire bakers. As well as there was once a "Hokey-pokey" man who sold ice-cream at Midsummer Fair and Good Friday Skipping – this was a cheap ice cream that came in slabs - He would have been my kind of guy, had I been around at the time hehe.

We are also very excited to have learnt that there is the elusive Cambridge Cheese – A milk cheese that is brick shaped, the sides higher than the centre and wrapped in muslin.  There was a ‘half and half’ Cambridge cheese made of milk and cream.  This cheese could be distinguished by its colour – the milk ‘half’ being white and forming the base of the block and the cream ‘half’ being yellow.  The cheese was unseasoned and was often broken up with a fork salt, pepper and vinegar added and served as a sandwich filling known as ‘mock crab’. (Tamsin has noted on the internet that Mrs Temple produces something called the Cambridge cheese.) 

And so our afternoon tea geekery continues....  

Perhaps you have come across Cambridge Cheese yourself? Or better still, have made it or perhaps you have a story to tell on this fascinating local food...

If you are a food lover, cake lover, admirer of afternoon tea, or a history enthusiast , even a mix of all of the above, then we suggest you come and join us and book yourself a seat at this fantastic one off afternoon tea event.

To enquire, you are welcome to email Miss Sue Flay at: 

Or you can Book Here

We look forward to seeing you there. 


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