Friday, 8 March 2013

I'm Off To "Dine Like Downton"...

I am off to spend my Friday afternoon playing Lady Grantham with my fabulous co-host, William Hanson

Together, we are going to spend the afternoon geeking out about Downton Abbey, folding starched napkins, laying the table and lighting the candelabras in readiness for our table of 22 guests this evening for a 5 course event. 

Our guests will learn everything from how to dress for dinner and navigate around the British place setting, including using different cutlery, glassware & linens as well as how to conduct polite table talk as you dine. 
William will also be on hand to coach our table through how to deal with tricky foods and even what to do when Mrs Patmore ruins the dinner...

Guests will be joining us from all ends of the country and beyond and we can't thank them all enough for their support in advance. 

We look forward to filling you in on the fun and games (and oh, there will be games ; ) 
 later in the week, once the indigestion has passed. 

Until then, we leave you with some Downton Abbey-themed entertainment to kick start your weekend!

Read all about "Dine Like Downton" with Miss Sue Flay & William Hanson. 

This event is part of a week of *Fringe* events for local food festival, Eat Cambridge

Check out William's blog on the Huffington Post with Downton Abbey Etiquette Faux Pas!

Why not book yourself a ticket for our very next Afternoon Tea Etiquette Event on 6th April?

And to leave you with a smile, watch this video of Downton doing One Direction ; ) 
(Thank you Marie-Anne hehe!) 

Have a fabulous weekend and if you are joining us for Downton this evening, 
we very much look forward to seeing you there. 

Miss Sue Flay 

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