Saturday, 20 July 2013

Afternoon Tea Baking Lesson at Cambridge Kitchens

I was asked to teach an afternoon tea baking lesson with Erika and her team at Cambridge Kitchens on Mill Road as part of Independent Retail Week and I leapt at the chance of trying out a new kitchen, naturally. Baking Lessons Cambridge This was a stunning kitchen, one of the best I've personally baked in, fitted with "Great British Bake Off" style Neff ovens complete with sliding doors, we were all in love with these as the afternoon went on, I must say! Erika had 10 guests booked in for this 3 hour taster workshop, where we baked my Fruit & Spice Streusel Scones and my Retro Sweetie Layer Cake fit for our very own afternoon tea table (decked out with gorgeous china to sit down and enjoy later on). Baking Lessons Cambridge I split the group into smaller subgroups and had some making the cake whilst the others perfected their scones. After a minor glitch with some forgotten almonds (my fault, idiot ; ) we got back on track and had these perfect golden scones complete with a generous sprinkle of the crunchy topping baking whilst the layer cake was cooling. Once cooled, the groups all had a go at practicing some basic icing techniques, the layer cake was assembled and decorated as a team effort, it looked fabulous. Baking Lessons Cambridge It's always a challenge to get used to a new kitchen so quickly, but it works every time. This kitchen was no different, I learn to deal with any glitches fast and yet again, perfect baking, no disasters and some full bellies once we had finished for the afternoon. I loved teaching this class, they were a great group to work with as we listened to my French baking playlist in the background.. I can't bake without music bizarrely, so on went the Spotify Playlists! Streusel Topped Scones We laid a table, complete with tablecloth and poured the tea for our guests whilst giving some pointers on how to eat your scone correctly as we nibbled. Afternoon Tea Baking Lessons This was simply a tiny taster of my etiquette workshops, of which I now host at John Lewis Brasserie in Cambridge, as it's a full 2 hours worth of conversation (and then some!) to touch on everything afternoon tea based when it comes to good manners! ... My guests will just have to book a session to see what this is all about ; ) Cambridge Kitchens The kitchen had everything we needed, lots of space, working plug sockets in the counter tops for my KMix hand mixer & the ovens which could be used one after the other for our baking elements and a friendly team to help and clean up as we went. It was the perfect afternoon, even at 30*c outside, this air conditioned kitchen shop kept us cool as cucumbers as we baked. We were asked by some guests if we were planning more workshops together and to be honest, I would be delighted to join forces again, so if the CK team will have me back, count me in for plenty more baking adventures! Tuck Shop Cake You can view my full photo album for this event by clicking here. Miss Sue Flay

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