Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Lost Art Of Etiquette: Modern Manners Advent

Xmas Etiquette Advent With the countdown to Xmas upon us, combined with the fact that I am currently unable to eat anything naughty (or my personal trainer will throttle me with her own bare hands potentially!) and the fact I forgot to buy myself an advent calender this year... I have decided to run an online countdown to Christmas and Advent calender alternative in the form of an etiquette tip each day to keep you entertained, educated and knowledgeable in the face of bad manners this jolly (?!) season. You may find yourself getting angry in John Lewis or wrestling for the last Mince Pie in your local supermarket, but fear not, Miss Sue Flay is here to remind you to breathe and behave in equal measures... with a little luck at least! Xmas Etiquette Advent 1st December - A for "Affection": Don't be overly affectionate this Xmas time, it's embarrassing and anger-inducing for those around you, holding hands and quick kisses are fine, anything more intimate for the bedroom only! 2nd December - B for ": 3rd December - C for: 4th December - D for: Xmas Etiquette Advent 5th December - E for: 6h December - F for: 7th December - G for: 8th December - H for: Xmas Etiquette Advent 9th December - I for: 10th December - J for: 11th December - K for: 12th December - L for: 13th December - M for: Xmas Etiquette Advent 14th December - N for: 15th December - O for: 16th December - P for: 17th December - Q for: 18th December - R for: Xmas Etiquette Advent 19th December - S for: 20th December - T for: 21st December - U for: 22nd December - V for: Xmas Etiquette Advent 23rd December - W for: 24th December - X for: 25th December - Y & Z for: Miss Sue Flay Do you have any tips or hints to share  that help you to keep calm and polite at this slightly more stressful time of year? Please do leave a comment below to share your thoughts, regrets and stories below. You can also read the rest of Miss Sue Flay's "Lost Art Of Etiquette" guides by clicking here.  

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