Friday, 31 January 2014

Miss Sue Flay Is Going "Green..."

It's been a while since I spoke about myself in the third person... and it feels so good. I am happy to tell you, Miss Sue Flay has got her groove back...  Tuck Shop Cake As some of you may know by now (sorry for ramming it down your necks if I have been doing so, however I've been very passionate about my brand new lifestyle) I have been running, circuit & interval training and following a "caveman" diet to lose some of the dreaded cake weight that was creeping on last year. The last 4 years has seen me try a heck of a load of cake and afternoon tea, from reviewing local or national afternoon tea tiers, hosting the Clandestine Cake Club in Cambridge or judging the many hundreds of cakes at the 2013 Cambridge Bake Off Competition - needless to say, I needed to stop for a bit and exchange a piece of victoria sponge for a carrot stick! Cambridge Bake Off Over the last few months, I've exchanged my food reviews for hotel & spa reviews and I've enjoyed some head to toe pampering in exchange for some hard work helping with housekeeping feedback & honest reviews from my own motormouth, I've had a blast and continue to do so. In fact, there will be some even more exciting news to come over the next few months on my new plans, so watch this space!  Well, since November I'm almost 2 stone lighter, much more musclier & stronger and a hundred times more confident in my stride - I am now ready to ease back into my role of afternoon tea aficionado ; ) And what BETTER way than to be the new baker at my favourite coffee & writing retreat, the fabulous Greens Coffee & Co in Cambourne?! Greens Coffee & Co I am THRILLED to announce that I will be baking away in the kitchen at my favourite coffee shop on the outskirts of Cambridge twice a week, stocking up their counter with freshly baked goodies to keep their customers (and my readers with a bit of luck!) in good quality & homemade cake and treats. As you may or may not know by this point in my blogging life, I am a firm believer in shouting about great food, excellent customer service and the places and people worthy of a shout out. Greens have always been my "go to" coffee house, not just because it's on my doorstep, but because of the warmth of the team, the quality of the coffee & food and because they are a place that actually get to know their customers and care about what they want. Greens Coffee & Co I have always believed in their ethos and I've dabbled in hosting events in their superb space, including a couple of Clandestine Cake Clubs (one of which got some local press, hurrah) as well as a co-hosted Vintage Make Up & Cocktail night which sold out with 30 cake-lovers enjoying the evening, it was truly one of my most enjoyable events as "Miss Sue Flay". I've also made so many new friends by sitting in Greens and getting to know my fellow laptop ninjas and even reignited an old primary school friendship here, it's truly a fantastic place for a community such as Cambourne to enjoy and (without sounding too soppy here) it needs to be supported and enjoyed as much as possible, it honestly deserves it. If you haven't read my "Lost Art Of Etiquette" guide to Coffee Shop Camping, then have a read, I wrote some of this guide sat in here and felt inspired by many of the points over the last few years of observing customer interaction - it's been an education writing in coffee shops up and down the country I can tell you! Greens Coffee & Co So, to the baking! Free reign has been given (within reason) for me to bake whatever I fancy and trial new recipes as we see fit, I am so excited as nothing beats a good wedge of delicious cake and I can't wait to see the faces of their regular customers when they see the revamp over the coming weeks on this side of the gaff - I have an extensive cake menu planned already! If you follow me on social media, you will have potentially engaged with me this week on the question I asked... If you missed it, I simply (and cryptically hehe) asked the following: "If you walked into your local coffee shop and it stocked an array of delicious treats & cakes... What would be your "must buy"/"reach for" treat?...  Miss Sue Flay I had such an awesome response (thank you so much!), it's really helped to inspire, but as I take on this new challenge, the team at Greens and myself would very much like to engage our social media followers as well as their regular customers to gain feedback and thoughts on what is wanted for nibbles here - we'd rather bake what is desired than guess! Are you a traditionalist? Bakewell tarts, scones with clotted cream & jam, victoria sponge, carrot cake, flapjack, brownies?... Perhaps you want a healthier option? Or gluten free solutions?!.... Will there be enough demand/need for this? It'd be fantastic to know. Or do you want to enjoy something completely different? My "Tuck Shop" cake is always a winner and crowd pleaser, I'm stupidly addicted to baking gorgeous and unusual shaped "Bundt" cakes, so perhaps you want to try something completely new? Miss Sue Flay Afternoon Tea Catering What would be YOUR ultimate treat? And most importantly, what do you want to nibble on whilst I've got my bake on? You never know, you may just get your pleas heard if you shout at us loud enough! Greens Coffee & Co I start my training in the shop next week, so over the next week or two, a few of my trademark bakes may well start appearing on the cake counter, so there's a great excuse for you to visit Greens Coffee & Co in Cambourne and if you have been a fan or follower of my exploits since my early "Secluded Tea Party"/Pop-up event days, now is the time to get hooked back onto my creations. You will be able to catch me in the shop on a Thursday morning, whipping up a storm ready for the weekend (I'll also be in the closed shop on a Monday prepping for the start of the week too!) You can find out more about Greens Coffee & Co by visiting their Facebook or Twitter pages. They have just launched an awesome new Italian Supperclub too, of which you can see my photos of the test run I was lucky enough to be invited to by clicking HERE. Greens Coffee & Co Their next Italian supperclub is going to be on Friday 21st February at just £25pp - only a few spaces left and I can't rate it enough, the generous menu is delicious, but you can see that for yourself by taking a nosy at my snaps ; ) They are open (Or should I say "we" now.... ?! ; ) as follows:  Sunday & Monday - Closed Tuesday to Friday - 8:30am - 4pm Saturday - 9am - 4pm Greens Coffee & Co They also have open mic nights on the last Thursday of each month, open 7pm - 11pm for beer, cocktails, wine & nibbles!  Anyway, enough of the waffling, time to get plotting & scheming! Wish me luck and make sure you give me some feedback on what you will be wanting to munch on when you come and visit - I am looking forward to being welcomed into the fold : )   Miss Sue Flay

  Greens Coffee & Co

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