Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Guilty Pleasures: Coronation Street

I'm going to be ever so slightly open with you about some of the little pleasures in my life, none of them make me feel TOO guilty for admitting and I thought a little more sharing on my part would help you to get to know me... Guilty Pleasures: Coronation Street Perhaps it'll even help you to share your own "guilty" or simple pleasures in life, as life is simply too short to not enjoy what we want in our lives. I've never quite understood the term "guilty pleasure" - why should we feel guilty in admitting the things we adore? It's ridiculous that we screen our own lives from others in this way, why shouldn't we all enjoy different things? And more importantly why aren't we sharing these pleasures with the people around us? I'm going to admit that I'm a huge Corrie fan. I was brought up with this on my family tv from birth, my good old dad being a complete addict to "The Street", much to our eye rolling and groaning as life stopped for 30 minutes several times a week. Entire days out, even holidays were scheduled around this famous street and we'd be "shhhhhhh'd" if we muttered a syllable throughout it's airing... We had to be silent. Guilty Pleasures: Coronation Street He was and still is infatuated with his favourite soap opera and as a result, our lives always revolved around it too... My poor mum becoming a bit of a Corrie widow over the years, she's a saint for putting up with us all having to endure it week in, week out! However, I think it's always going to be in my blood, I blocked it out of my life for a few years, but I genuinely missed Deirdre Barlow's crinkly neck and deep, croaky  voice (god love her!) and Dev's camp corner shop antics, who couldn't miss this gripping stuff?! Guilty Pleasures: Coronation Street So, even though I tell my dad that I don't watch it (so I can't have him over to sit and demand silence on my own sofa ; ) ...I actually do watch it in my own company, sometimes even enjoying the omnibus for a second helping of it...I can't help it, it's an addiction and I may possibly need help. It's complete drivel, I am aware of this and it's full of terrible actors & tiny sets (of which I've recently had a tour of, GEEK!), but it's my little escape of a weekday evening in my onesie with a cup of tea in hand. Guilty Pleasures: Coronation Street Even though my dad, once unforgivably, left me bleeding to buggery after cracking my head open in the garden when I was young, made me wait for the end of Corrie before I could be taken to A&E - Mike Baldwin must have had shiz going down in the knicker factory or something?! - I was fine just a few stitches and some brain cells knocked out of me, I forgive him haha. I can't help but hold a place in my heart for this British Classic. I even shed a tear or two over this last Xmas when Roy Cropper lost his soulmate (oh, WHY do the bad things happen to the good people?!) - I'm only human after all, who DIDN'T cry?... Guilty Pleasures: Coronation Street It's pretty much the only tv show I will watch regularly, although I've heard recently that the Australian soap, "Neighbours" is about to make a zombie mini AWESOME does this sound?! I for one am on the waiting list to see this, as I've heard a few old faces will come back "from the dead" in the spirit of the theme! My life doesn't revolve around Coronation Street, but it's a fantastic way to cheer yourself up when your own life seems chaotic...this is one VERY unlucky street, it's full of murderous neighbours, corrupt business people and adultery galore, mainly with older men and stunning twenty something girls - it's got everything you need for a little escapism. Guilty Pleasures: Coronation Street I admit it, my name is Miss Sue Flay and I'm a Corrie-holic. Miss Sue Flay What's your guilty pleasure in life? Does it ACTUALLY make you feel guilty to admit it or are you proud as punch of your little bundle of organic ecstasy? Do share your thoughts below with a comment....

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