Saturday, 14 May 2016

Review: Aromi, Cambridge

Review: Aromi, Cambridge Aromi is a small independent Italian pizzeria in Cambridge and I defy anybody not to be impressed by their offerings. It's the kid of place that started up small, taking on a corner property just across the road from the Cambridge Corn Exchange and close to the market square, with queues out the door and round the corner on any given day.... and for good reason! These guys know a thing or two about pizza, it's some of the tastiest pizza I've ever had the pleasure of eating. If you can grab a table, it's a great place to enjoy a bite before a concert or gig if you're headed to the Corn Exchange or Arts Theatre for the evening, but it's equally as great as a takeaway picnic by the river on a sunny day. Review: Aromi, Cambridge Now they also have opened up a new place a few doors down in the form of an eatery and Gelateria with a take away Gelato window to drool over and for months I had been craving freshly made, creamy ice cream in a waffle cone... they always look SO tempting! Over my birthday weekend I finally got to enjoy their creamy, DREAMY ice cream, although with a hangover to rival hangovers after my big day of celebrations, I opted for a tub over the full on waffle cone - along with a coffee and some homemade cannoli to cheer us up! Review: Aromi, Cambridge I "mmmmm'd" my way through a small tub of espresso & tiramisu flavoured ice cream and it truly made my day, it was worth the wait! It got slightly better with every mouthful, changing in texture and creaminess as it melted in the warmth of the sun, it was gorgeous. The crunch of a chocolate-filled cannoli (an Italian petit four to go perfectly with a cup of coffee) was the perfect addition for dipping - they even sell huge whopping great big cannoli filled with filled, flavoured mascarpone creams of varying flavours - so we may have to go back for a hot date there sometime very soon to try those bad boys! Review: Aromi, Cambridge For the ultimate in "Cambridge Tourist Chic", grab some Gelato from their window counter if there's no seats and wander around the corner to King's Parade to enjoy the sunshine on the wall of King's College - I just love watching the cyclists go by and the hoards of tourists almost getting knocked over in the middle of the road as they take photos and get hassled by Punting tour guides - or is that just my evil streak shining through? Hehe.... What I love about Aromi is that their Cambridge University landlords gave them the chance to make it work as a small business, offering them great rates on the building to make it happen - and they've proven themselves, even opening a new shop over towards the Grafton Centre too - these guys are the real deal when it comes to casual, Italian cuisine. Review: Aromi, Cambridge Best chilled out Sunday with my bearded man friend. Ever. ♡ MSF Miss Sue Flay logo Green Brush Read my "About Me" page here! See more of my travel videos here and more of my food review videos here. Or get in touch via social media through Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for a natter about life in general! Please note – I paid my way during this visit and I am in no means obliged to blog or write about their offerings, but I simply choose to share with my readers, should I enjoy the experience. Any questions or to discuss a "Secret Stay" or review, please do All images © 2016 Miss Sue Flay, these may not be used or reproduced without written permission from the owner, many thanks in advance.

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