Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The VERY FIRST Secluded Tea Party - Full Write up!

The Secluded Tea Party was hosted by myself, Miss Sue Flay... for the VERY first time this Sunday 21st November, and it went ahead amazingly well without.....well...........Very FEW..... glitches....!

The only major glitch being the packing up of the car the morning of the tea party... my lovely (And BRAND NEW!) carry case (from Lakeland I might add!) with clips on the sides to hold the food snugly into the box decided to UNclip on route to the car from my front door...and of course, some of my sandwiches fell out onto the muddy grass......DOH!!!!

....Now, this was not myself that dropped them....It was the mister....and he went as white as a ghost realising that Miss Sue Flays Anger was imminent.(!!)... But surprisingly....to him as well as myself...Hehe....I stayed calm......it had happened......I was running late......there was NOTHING I could do about it! - Much to his relief!...Bless him!

- And I must mention .....he has been an absolute STAR throughout...supporting me with the prep and running to the supermarket on a Sunday morning when I realised that the key ingredient to my scones (The Natural Yoghurt that I use to make these light and airy!)....was missing!....Argh haha!!........So THANK YOU to my Mister for helping me out massively throughout!
 I Couldn't have done this prep without you!!! x

So back to the Tea Party itself......

... The table was set.... purple checked table cloths with a country feel to brighten up the dark autumn day!
Luckily it didn't rain, but it was chilly....so I wanted an ambient feel to the room....small tea lights, bright...yellow flowers in vases and jugs.... and my own cake plates (Also made by myself : ) dotted around the table holding my home-made scones, sandwiches and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

My guests got on like a house on fire, the sound of fun and excited conversation held loudly over the background music (which I could hardly hear from the kitchen over the discussions being held : )
It was great to hear the room getting on so well and enjoying the food that was laid out for them.
And they were not scared to get stuck in....the type of guests I LOVE!

They got on so well in fact, that what I hadn't anticipated was that they were prepared to share around their own individual pots of tea and sample each others teas (Which was supplied by the lovely Alex at teapigs.co.uk!)....which was just FANTASTIC to see happening!!
This meant that my guests got to try and enjoy other teas that they would not have selected themselves.
I hope to see future guests doing the same, as this was a GREAT way for everybody to find new teas that they didn't think they would like....and finding out that they LOVED! : )
As well as chatting to people that they hadn't previously met or spoken to before!

Even my experimental Ham and Garlic Jam sandwiches went down well hehe....I was unsure if it was just my taste buds being odd and it just being myself that loved this filling....and I was worried that I may well turn some faces sour...BUT...my guests loved the concoction and they went down better than any of the other fillings.....so rest assured.....HAM & GARLIC JAM SANDWICHES WILL APPEAR AT ALL FUTURE SECLUDED TEA PARTIES! - They will be legendary! (Hehe!)

My last course was also VERY fun to carry in....as everybody had such full tummies towards the end of the afternoon, they had forgotten that I was serving my famous Black Forest (Boozy!) Cupcakes....and once they arrived, everybody had forgotten how full they were and all forced one down...Much to my delight!

So all in all....a  WONDERFUL first tea party....a LOVELY warm and inviting Secret Venue in a Secluded Cambridgeshire location, surrounded by autumnal colours from the trees and leaves everywhere....Garlic Jam Sandwiches that went down a treat....Clotted Cream had been licked clean from the bowls....and teapots left empty!....A hostess could not ask for better than that!

And I am now very much looking forward to the next Secluded Tea Party........The (Xmas!) Secluded Tea Party on Sunday 12th December at 2pm.....a few spaces left, so contact me now for more information and to secure your place!

Until next time!

Miss Sue Flay



  1. Looks like it was great - would love to have been there!

  2. ToTallY FUN! thx for sharing it with us :)

  3. It was SO much fun!!! Loved every minute of it! Never really been the hostess until now...and I am HOOKED : )