Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Great Tea Cup Trade (Worldwide!)....

One of my followers, the LOVELY Sharon at Faith Hope & Cherry tea, has had the most FAB idea or hosting a great Tea Cup Trade.

Check out her blog for info on how she wants this to work....It sounds like so much fun, if like me, you love pretty teacups, and can't wait to find the next bargain in the local charity shop or in the January sales!!

I was a lucky girl over Xmas, and got given lots of Beautiful and fun tea party and tea cup related gifts....some of which some of you have already seen and read about....but there is always room in my life for another pretty tea cup for my guests to enjoy drinking their tea from at The Secluded Tea Party table!

So...I for one will be joining The Tea Cup Trade!

Who else fancies joining in?! - This is worldwide....even if in Antartica, I am sure you would be welcome to join in! - Just drop the lovely lady a line, and she will send you the details : )

Have fun if you do decide to join in - I know I can't wait to have mine sent to me hehe.




  1. I must of seen the same blog I have my questionnair to fill in but I am excited about this I must say. hope you get a beautiful tea C&S. your T-Prtys look lots of FUN!

    Love Dawn xx

  2. I am in this trade as well! I am excited about trading a tea cup. Yea! I am enjoying my first visit to your lovely blog.
    Funny enough, I too love cupcakes, and get sick when I eat them! Boo Hoooooo!
    But that is o.k. sometimes it is worth it : )
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following.