Thursday, 20 January 2011

Trashy Chic!

I have been having a lovely email conversation lately with a local businesswoman who owns a clothing range called Trash Chic, where the lovely lady (Who calls herself Lady Fen - another Cambridge girl with an alter ego...I LOVE IT!!) believes that clothes are FUN!....And her clothing range really is!
She creates clothes from cast-offs and gives them a new lease of life in the form of some very exciting items!
Check out her blog for more on her creations and ideas! - She is fantastic fun to follow and to get to know : ) 

Lady Fen has a new found love for headscarves, and I personally plan to bend her ear on this subject, as it is something that I have also recently started to realise actually looks ok on me!....It has taken a while to start to realise that my wardrobe needs an overhaul!...and as a curvy girl, trying to get retro right can be a tricky task sometimes!.....So I am off to speak to the lady in the know!

Lady Fen is running an event at the Cambridge Folk Museum on Sunday 12th February, showcasing her Vintage and Retro range, as well as a "Posh Frocks Rail" with some items from names such as Anna Sui, Nicole Fahri, Save the Queen and See by I suggest that you go along and check her out to bag yourself a cheeky bargain or two!

This is a fundraising event for the museum, so part of the proceeds of her sales will be donated to them. 

Doors open at 10.30am and close at 4pm.

Perhaps I will see some of you there : )



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