Thursday, 3 February 2011

Aprons Aprons and yet More Aprons!

After my Post asking for you all to show me your lovely Baking atire ...
(You can see this link with my lovely aprons here. )

I have had some FANTASTIC responses....some have just sent a photo of themselves in their favourite pinny...some have sent me emails with some great stories of how they came to look so used and messy hehe...
...............I have had so much fun seeing everybody's Bake Wear!!!....
Here, I share with you everything that has been sent to me hehe....I hope that you enjoy flicking through this as much as I have!..................

The Lovely Aprons from Cooking Gorgeous! - From the Mini Pinny to the Bottom Line! Check the lovely website out for a local businesswoman offering a fab range of Bake Wear!!  With some new designs currently being tinkered with, I can't WAIT to see the future range!

Now this has made me smile! - I had an email from a gentleman which excited me (Not many men coming forward with their pinny's hehe!), and it just said the following:  
Carly wearing her 50's house wife apron. Love stu.
Stu....I LOVE your nerve!!! And Carly, I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE! haha. 

Mine's a bit rude! A friend brought it back for me from Italy... my 88 year old neighbour saw me in it when I was pregnant. I forgot what I was wearing & answered the door. The big belly made it look worse! She didn't know where to look!.... I had asked Anna to cover this up with a fig leaf to cause no offence...and she did JUST that hehe! Find Anna on Twitter @ButtonC

Danielle Says: Not as cute as your aprons, but this the one I always wear unless its a fancy party!...  I LOVE IT!.....Check her website out by clicking here

A BEAUTIFUL apron from the lovely Maria at FEISTY TAPAS who attended The Secluded (New Year!) Tea Party in January : ) Check out her new blog for a food blog with her feisty spanish flair!
Not only does Maria cook for herself and her new husband, but she is also testing out home-made recipes for her baby! A very busy lady indeed!!

Helen from Candy Handfuls says: Here is a picture of me in my apron.... I have a collection of aprons, most of these are vintage. However this one is handmade and was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. I love it because its got the cheeky vintage look that I love so much. but also because it makes me feel a bit like a Stepford wife when I'm wearing it!
Plus...Check out the Yummy Blackforest Cupcakes that she has made from *Meeting* me and using my suggested recipe from the very first Secluded (Virtual!) Tea Party back in January!....Drool!
Check out Helens website for the YUMMIEST cakes and afternoon treats! She is amazingly talented!

A BRILLIANTLY British Apron here thanks to the lovely Sarah, who also came along to The Secluded (New Year!) Tea Party in January... She says: "I inherited this lovely pinny from my grandma, along with baking skills : ) "
I think it is FAB...reminds me of a poster we were given for Xmas last year....Time to dig it out!!!
Check Sarah out on Twitter @BunnyBanter.

First of all...I LOVE the photo itself...what a pretty picture!... And the apron itself looks too pretty to wear whilst baking, but the owner of Blue Bird Vintage says (Arguably!)....."Not a great picture, but here is my trusted pinny! I have been wearing her to make my truffles tonight! I am making these for the 1st Bluebird Vintage Makeover photo shoot on Saturday, I wonder if the tequila ones will taste nice!!".... 
Not a pinny I would be able to pull off, but so beautiful, it should be framed!Check her out on Twitter @BluebirdVintage.

Lynn AKA Bakelady from My Secret Tea Room in Leeds (A fellow Underground Tea Party Hostess no less : ) says: "This is my Favourite apron. I won it in a Competition from @rachtdesign on Twitter. I wear other aprons for baking, but I wear this on the day of my tea parties."
Lynn makes the most amazing looking cakes, and runs not only her tea parties from her home in Leeds, but also a cake lovers club in leeds, where you must bake a large cake, and go along and eat a piece of everybody else's with a good cup of tea!...Who wouldn't want to try this?!
Follow her fun adventures on Twitter @MySecretTeaRoom and @clandestinecake.

I actually contacted the lovely Cynthia at Cupcake Provacateur directly about this Apron!....It is just SO beautiful, I asked her permission to link this one, as I think you should all see the talent that she has found through a competition to design an apron on her website! She even caters for us big busted girlies who need a little more coverage up top!....Go check her out! She has an amazing assortment of pinnies to browse!....


  1. Loving the aprons and good to see they cater for those PMT days - see last picture of the apron!

  2. Hehe it's great isn't it! What do you wear when you are painting missy? - Send me a pic via email and I will add you to the Apron list! xx

  3. I LOVE a pretty apron!
    Some you've posted are almost too pretty to use! (I am a very messy cook though)

  4. Ooh I missed this post originally, I have a red and white dotty one like Carly but mine is not as nice, love that one!