Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Show Us Yer Apron!......

Pronounced [ey-pruhn]....   

.... This word is actually really quite amusing me by now, as I have spent all day researching and talking to myself about them... literally!

(I could actually see the puppy rolling his little eyes at me every time I rambled on at him about them hehe!)

After wearing the new addition to my ever growing Apron Collection at last weekend's Tea Party, I realised that I actually have a fair few to date, all of which are used and very handy to have indeed!

Some are more traditional than others, but looking online this is a HUGELY popular seller lately, thanks to the glorious cupcake and all things baked!.... girls (AND GUYS!) are baking more and more.....

..... Just ask my local supermarket (!!!), where I can NEVER seem to grab a bag of Caster Sugar recently...It seems as though the whole of our village are baking secretly at home instead of leaving it all for me to use hehe!

Anyway, this got me thinking..... What sort of apron do these bakers wear?..... 

I am so nosey!!! (I know!)

So here, as a little challenge to see just how many responses and pretty aprons i get to see over the next few weeks.... is a question for you my dear reader....



Send me a Photo of your apron.... wearing it or just a sneaky peek of the pattern ( I Don't mind which!) to:

Title your Email APRONS ...So I can easily sift through my inbox!...

I will post all photos and stories and anything else you want to say, along with a link to your website or blog page if you wish to add a bit about it to your own blog.... should you feel inspired to do so : ) 
- And if you do, then please feel free to link this post for others to respond to! - The more participants the better!

Let' see how many FANTASTIC and FUN pictures and stories we can gather about our aprons!!.....

Miss Sue FLay 


PS - The results are coming in thick and can view them by clicking here.


  1. I am getting some FAB emails with pictures of Please do keep them coming!
    Emails to: