Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Random BAKEs of Kindness

After reading a very inspiring blog post written by Vanessa Kimbell about a good baking deed she had done recently for the man who regularly cleans her car at the local car wash. She had baked a batch of her amazing cookies, put them in a tin and taken them down to give to him as a thank you for doing such a good job with a smile on his face, even in the cold weather and dark days. 

This put a smile on my face straight away, it was such a kind and generous thing to do, yet no bother for a baker if you enjoy baking for people. He hadn't asked or even hinted for her cookies, he was totally unaware and I can just imagine his huge beaming face even though I don't know the guy. I just love the idea of somebody doing something like that to me... a totally random act of... well... Baking kindness. 
(A girl can but dream ; ) 

Anyway, it inspired me to do something kind and offer my baking in a similar way. 

I baked a Victoria Sponge with my favourite Forest Berry Jam, which is always a delicious turn on the classic recipe. It always goes down well with my tea party guests, so always a winner if I need to make something for somebody unknown. 

I knew that the editor of a local magazine was trying to raise money with a bake sale in her office for her favourite charity, so I drove into Cambridge and dropped off my cake at reception for her to sell at her bake sale to help raise some money towards it. 

I received an email not long afterwards, thanking me and telling me that before it had even made it's way to her, it had been placed by the receptionist on the bake sale table and had all gone before she realised it was there... hehe. They must have enjoyed it. 

Since then I have been told that her sale raised over £300, so I am very proud to have helped raise just a tiny part of that for her chosen charity. 

Sometimes it's nice to bake for other people, but why not try it yourself?
.... Bake up an extra batch of today's baked goodies and turn them over to somebody unsuspecting to make their day.

I may even do it again, as it feels nice to do something that I would love to happen to me... It's nice to make somebody feel special, especially when it's done with cake : ) 

Miss Sue Flay 


  1. That's a fantastic amount to have raised.. it's so good to be part of something like that!

    Your Jam looks delicious!

  2. Well done, that's a really nice thing to do and no wonder the cake went quickly, it sounds delicious.

  3. A friend of mine did it recently too, she posted something in her blog about it:

    When I read it, I was really moved, such a lovely thoughtful thing to do

  4. Thank you, and it was nice to be a part of something good. Vanessa, you have Cambridge talking... some of my tea party guests had read it and mentioned it today so hopefully the baking kindness will spread fast : )