Thursday, 27 October 2011

Christmas Traditions... Xmas Tea Parties & A Grinch-inspired Event!

Do you have a christmas tradition? Be it with your family, friends or even with your colleagues?

I didn't used to do anything other than sulk and be miserable at Xmas time (Bah, Humbug!), but last year that changed for me, when I found the world of Afternoon Tea and vintage-inspired tea parties... Sitting at Peacocks Tearoom in Ely, I found myself enjoying a pot of warming tea and a plate of spiced scones and mince pies with Brandy Cream - Oh my! It had snowed the night before, so the warmth and steam coming from that pretty teapot was a welcome addition to my lunch with my lovely friend, Amy, and it made me realise how much a spot of Afternoon tea can change your day for the better. It really can.

So this year, why not start your own Afternoon Tea tradition?... Come to The Secluded Tea Party on Sunday 11th December, where I will be throwing a Christmas Tea Party in Cambridge (At a top secret location, of which will be be announced to ticket holders nearer to the event) and the theme this year will be of a *Grinch-y* theme..... Indeed, the menu will be created around the Grinch-y character who may have stolen Xmas (or Christmas) and the What?-ville inspired menu will include a cute village of edible goodies around the famous mountain that the presents were taken to the top of.....

Yes. A Grinch-inspired tea party will be coming to Cambridge... and I promise you, nobody other than the guests will be able to steal the goodies from the table!.... If you fancy a fun afternoon of sillyness and chat with new friends around an afternoon tea event, this is the event for you!....

Book here to secure your place, or why not treat a friend of family member with a sweet tooth if you know somebody who would like this as a treat or gift. (Just email: to discuss this if you do, and we will make sure that they are looked after for you!)

Alternatively, why not book your very own Afternoon Tea Party to enjoy with your children and their friends, or even your own friends or family and start your very own Secluded Tea Party tradition throughout the build up to Christmas.

We can come to your home and provide just the Tea party food, or we can host the entire afternoon for you including setting and decorating the table, pouring your tea, serving your cake and even washing up afterwards so you can put your feet up and have a happy scone-fuelled snooze afterwards.

Or you can come to one of our many *Miss Sue Flay* approved Tea Party venues and enjoy an escape into the Cambridgeshire countryside for an hour or two to escape the relentles and evil Xmas shoppers that you may be about to encounter in Cambridge.

You can also have your office or work Christmas Party in Cambridge or the Cambridgeshire countryside with The Secluded Tea Party... We can come to your office, again with just the food for you to enjoy or we can host an office party with a difference... even choose a theme to suit you and your fellow hard workers... We can offer a traditional Christmas tea party, a vintage-inspired tea Party selection, or even go for your own spin and have a gory Zombie themed party should you desire!

It's your Christmas party, you can have whatever you want!.... Why should it be boring and the same every single year?!.... It really shouldn't.

Afternoon Tea is the perfect way to relax, enjoy sweet and savoury treats and chat over a cup of tea.
It will beat the usual pub lunch with dry turkey and all the sloppy trimmings, rest assured!

We have availability from the 1st November, right through until New Year, so email us now to secure your very own Secluded Tea Party this Christmas!
We are based in Cambridge, however, we can come to you, no matter how far away you are, just ask!

Miss Sue Flay


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