Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The First Cambridge Cake Crawl - Book Now!

The first Cambridge Cake Crawl with Miss Sue Flay will be held on:

 Saturday 26th November 2011

2pm - 5pm

Meeting & Crawling within Cambridge City Centre

Limited to 10 Places currently

£30 Per Person


What is a Cake Crawl I hear you ask?.... 
It is exactly what you think it is... Like a pub crawl, but instead of drinking alcohol you will be eating cake along the way. If you can't handle eating lots of cake in one afternoon, you can of course pack it away in your goodie bag (Of which will be provided on arrival to the first venue) and you can take it home with you for a second wind. 
This event has been inspired by a London Cupcake Crawl hosted by Cake Masters, so please do see their photos from the day to get an idea of just how fun this type of event can be.

Of course, this will not be too excessive... I think 10 cake crawl stops in one day would be a little too much, even for the more hardcore of the cake eaters in town.
Some may argue this thought, but I feel this works best. 

This is an opportunity to visit some fantastic Cambridge Cake pit-stops with Miss Sue Flay of The Secluded Tea Party as your Cake Crawl Tour guide for the afternoon. 

I have arranged for a few special locations to entertain myself and my Cake Crawlers in ways that they wouldn't get if they were to just walk in off the street to sample their cakey treats in store. It's very exciting indeed.  
The Cake Crawl will cost £30 
to include ALL of the following pre-arranged Cake stops:  

2pm- Meet at the Hotel Du Vin for some Mini Treats and a cup of tea in very relaxed & luxurious surroundings.  
The Hotel Du Vin have also agreed for us to get stuck in and have an interactive cake experience with them at their grand table within the Library. This is the perfect start to our cake crawl, where we will all get chance to get to know each other and discuss the next steps for the afternoon over a relaxed 30 minutes. 
2.30pm- On to the newly re-opened Fitzbillies for a taste of their amazingly sticky Chelsea Buns - with a difference! Owners, Alison Wright & Tim Hayward will be setting up a chef's table especially for us to sit at within the bakery kitchen whilst tucking into a mini Chelsea Bun Tier and their fantastic freshly brewed coffee. A REAL treat for us all!
With the added bonus of being joined by Alison & Tim themselves, you can ask them your burning Fitzbillies and cake-related questions whist tucking into these gorgeous sweet bites.
3pm- We head up Kings Parade to Benets Ice Cream Parlor for a scoop of (Well, I suggest this anyway...But there ARE other flavours to suit!) Afternoon tea inspired Ice Cream within a delicious waffle cone to be children again for half an hour... They have tasty and refreshing flavours home made in their basement, such as Bakewell Tart, Apple Crumble and even Ferrero Rocher! A scoop of Ice cream with the perfect view of Kings College will be the perfect Palette Cleanser to help us on our cake-fuelled Cambridge tour. Kings being a very personal landmark for me. 

3.30pm- Will see us taking a quick detour onto the fantastic Cambridge Market Square to meet one of the markets' most well respected and charming market stall holders it has to offer. If you haven't met him before (How could you NOT have noticed Cambridge's most enthusiastic and charming Cake Loving man?!), his name is Thomas and he runs the stall with all the Caribbean cakes & puddings at T & S Foods. A family run stall in the heart of Cambridge, they have been here for 15 years and he is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. You will be allowed to pick up any slice of cake to take home with you in your goodie bag... His best seller is a Rum & Raisin Slice. 

4pm- A jolly skip from the Market to one of my favourite streets in Cambridge... Green Street for a relaxed half an hour in Bill's Cafe, which is a very new and refreshing addition to Cambridge's Cafe selection. Whilst here, we will have a table reserved for The Cambridge Cake Crawl with a few goodies to take away with us, as well as the chance to tuck into their Warm Scones, served with Bill's strawberry Jam & Clotted Cream to warm the cockles. 

4.30pm- Will see us finishing off our Cake Crawl at Cambridge's Exclusive Members Only Club, 12a. Where our knowledgeable host will prepare us some prohibition era & dessert inspired (Non-Alcoholic) cocktails to sip on to toast the afternoon and the finale of our very first Cambridge Cake Crawl with Miss Sue Flay and your fellow Cake Crawlers. This fantastically secluded venue within a corner of Cambridge Market Square is a venue for my very own tea parties, should you wish to have a Secluded Tea Party with a sophisticated spin on proceedings. 

You will also be provided with a goodie bag for the day, and you will have the chance to add  some brilliant pre-arranged giveaways from each venue to this throughout our Cake Crawl Journey through Cambridge City Centre. 

You pre-pay your £30 to Miss Sue Flay, which stops any time wasting moments fighting over the bill at each cake-based venue. We will be able to walk in and out without having to worry about that element, it will all be pre-paid through your ticket price.

Spaces are limited to 10 cake crawlers only, so to book, please email Miss Sue Flay at:

See you there I hope : ) 

Miss Sue Flay 


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