Monday, 15 October 2012

National Bundt Day UK

Following a recent event that I hosted in Leeds, The Clandestine Cake Club Annual Organiser's Gathering and meeting the mega passionate Rachel over at Dolly Bakes, I decided to get on board, as I am sure we all did after her fab and informal chat on her passion for these circular & weirdly interesting cakes. 

After a first and rather successful attempt at my very first Bundt Cake this weekend, thanks to the lovely Jenni for the lend of her pretty Bundt Tin, I got a Tweet from Rachel stating that I must enter it into the National Bundt Day UK Challenge immediately hehe. 

I think she approved of my simple, yet drool-inducing concoction... hurrah : ) 

After much deliberating, I went with the same recipe that had made by Jen for me a couple of weeks back, as it's just gorgeous. However, what she had done was make this cake to take with her on holiday in France, so it drove all the way to Bordeaux, didn't get eaten, so came all the way back again!
I think perhaps the warm sun had helped to mature this Bundt cake into something spectacularly soft and moist, but making mine only a day ago, ready for the Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club 2 days later, it won't have the softness to it that Jen's did, but I am sure it will still taste amazing. 

The recipe was a Grapefruit & Poppy Seed Bundt Cake, taken from BBC Good Food Magazine, found on their website here

Me, being me, didn't read the full recipe before shopping, so only bought 2 grapefruits, when I needed 3, so I actually made an orange Syrup to glaze it with instead and it does taste as Autumnal as the weekend actually felt, so it's perfect for this cake as a slight twist to the recipe.

Poppy seeds, I learnt, are also the bane of my life... Could I find any in 3 different supermarkets and the Cambridge Market? No, of course not. But, thanks to Twitter friends (Long live Twitter!) I managed to locate 2 bags of the little suckers from Waitrose, as well as a deserved Ice Coffee treat after working up a sweat running around town trying to make the cake actually happen, not giving up before I had even started!

It was easy to make,a nice solid batter, using the tips Rachel had passed on to us at the AOG in Leeds, I ensured that my tin was well and truly greased and floured to perfection and it only took the 40 minutes to cook all the way through. 
I also used a skewer to poke holes in the bottom of my Bundt, so that when I drizzled the syrup, it soaked through the holes and deep into the cake. 

The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding. 

Happy Bundt Day fellow cake lovers : ) 

Miss Sue Flay 

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