Saturday, 19 January 2013

New Event: CakeTin Tarantino

Join Miss Sue Flay and her guests for a VERY SPECIAL *TARANTINO* inspired evening with The Secluded Tea Party!... With the launch of "Django Unchained" this month, MSF has got her geek on and is plotting an evening of Cocktail & Cake based Shenanigans and expecting guests booking on this event to be up for a total GEEK OUT over her fave Director. 

A lesser known fact is that Miss Sue Flay can actually quote most, if not ALL of Kill Bill 1 AND 2 and knows how to bore her friends and family with equally nerdy factoids, so why not give her family a break on this date and indulge with her!

Saturday 16th February
7pm - 10pm
18+ Only 

£35 per person
Home Entertainment included - 
With a VOTE between guests as to which title is played in the background whilst 
we natter & eat!... It's a tough decision... 
Will it be Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms or Jackie Brown?.... 

Or one of many other Inglorious titles ; )

"CAKETIN TARANTINO" is hosted in honour of QUENTIN TARANTINO himself...

 this is Miss Sue Flay's play on his name... clever, or completely useless, 
she doesn't care...

This is her Cakey ode to the man himself!

The Venue ... A secret location somewhere near to Cambridge.

This secret location will be revealed to guests nearer to the time!

The playlist will be handpicked (naturally) to make Mr Tarantino darn proud. 
All we need is The Wolf to come and clean up afterwards - In our dreams! 

The best bit?... No need to tip because society tells you to... ahem... 

Reservoir Dogs anyone?... No?... I'll get me coat!

Miss Sue Flay will be hosting the following menu at this Afternoon 

Tea venue:

Topical Canapes on Arrival, 
an ode to QT's fictional smokes

Mini Tasty "Kahuna" Burgers, 
served with a $5 milkshake & Cherry on top

"Japanese" Snow Cake, 
with "ornate" decoration!

Apple Strudel, 
"Tombé La Crème!"

Budd's Frozen Margaritas, 
with Non Alcoholic option if required 

Surprise Course


To book your tickets for this unique event, you will find just 6 tickets 

only at this exclusive venue, available to book now.

To book, visit:

Any questions please do email Miss Flay directly 


PLEASE NOTE - This menu, the entertainment and conversation will potentially 

be of a strong violent and adult nature, so it is advised that no 
weak of heart attend this event - Many Thanks!

I look forward to seeing you there! 

1) Miss Sue Flay 
 (...Only the hardiest of Kill Bill Fans will get this!) 

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