Monday, 11 February 2013

Oh Bugger... Forgot Valentine's Day?!

I don't usually celebrate Valentines Day as such, however, as a newly engaged girl, I guess I have a little more love than usual to share, so enjoy it whilst it lasts ; ) 
If you are as useless as myself when it comes to the romantic gestures 
and thoughts on the that publicly and forced 
romantic day of the year?!... 

Fear not...! 
It's still time to wow your loved one or new beau with 
something romantic and (of course!) afternoon tea based to really get the 
get those hearts a fluttering and those faces a smiling!... 

Here are a few last minute ideas from Miss Sue Flay for your 
V Day celebrations... 

A Lesson In Cakey Love

You may wish to learn to bake a recipe alone as a treat with friends, or together for some quality time, or perhaps learn even alone to surprise somebody later on.. I am the QUEEN of romance and secrets, so happy to help where I can to make it a mini celebration to remember. Just book a baking lesson in your own home for brownie points (pun intended ; ) 

You might even be considering popping that big question to a loved one... What better way than to bake a cake or Afternoon Tea treat than to serve the ringalongside some of the beauties I can teach you to make?
That would be a proposal to remember, I can darn well guarantee it...
.. And if you don't want to book for Valentines day, but just for general Afternoon Tea baking lessons, then give me a buzz anyway, no excuses needed really! 

Le Livre De L'amour

They say the best way to a man's (or a woman's, in my opinion) heart is through the stomach... and I really do truly believe this, so what better way than to bake from this fabulous book by Rachel Khoo, The Little Paris Kitchen. 
It's a firm favourite in the Flay household, with goodies to bake for an afternoon tea or a simple romantic meal, it's a bible that should have pride of place in every kitchen. 
Bon Apetit! 

Join The AA Club

No, not that AA...!
Become an Alison Appleton Collection Owner, be it a Golden Carp tea set, of which I am a very proud owner of, but why not go for their Love and Heart mugs to add a bit of romance to your coffee cupboard, be it at home or in the office? 
Alison Appleton is a very talented designer and is one tea loving lady not to ignore! 
Just watch this fab video and tell me you don't want a hot chocolate with marshmallow in this beauty after watching it?!.... At just £15 for 2 mugs, what's the excuse?

Get Toasty At Teacake

Why not get warm and toasty by the fire at Cambridge's cosiest countryside tea room, at Teacake in Shepreth, just a perfect way to while away an hour or two in good company, even as a first date, this tea room will wow your new guy or gal if they enjoy a slice of the finer things in life such as tiffin or homemade Victoria Sponge!
Join Christine & Maurice at Teacake for a good strong cuppa at their home from home. 

A Cake Book Worth Owning

 The Clandestine Cake Club is a worldwide cake lovers' paradise!... You bake a cake, bring it along to your local Cake Club (I actually co-host the Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club should you fancy practicing your cake making and joining us to eat lots of cake on a bi-monthly basis ; ) and it's a fantastic way to meet lot's of fellow cake lovers for a few hours over a great cuppa and a slice of sugary goodness. 
Lynn Hill, a personal friend of mine and creator of the CCC has just launched her very first book, incorporating recipes from her members within it... Check out Page 210.... You might just recognise the cake hehe... My first ever published recipe, so exciting!
Buy a copy for your cake lover... Out Valentines Day, Perfect timing!

Dine Like Downton

Yes, you think you have thought of everything for a romantic gesture of a selfish treat for yourself, but have you ever dined like Lord or Lady Grantham? 
Didn't think so... Book a ticket for our Downton Abbey themed event on Friday 8th March for the ultimate romantic gesture, joining myself and my co-host, the charming William Hanson for an entire evening of fine food, good company and an education in British Dining. 
With guests travelling from places such as London, even Holland (yes, we have some very interesting characters joining us for this event!) as well as Cambridge, of course!
You can book tickets here

Get Snap Happy

Why not book yourself on a loved up, romantic photo shoot with some of the best photographers around? I am very lucky indeed that I am friends with lots of very talented and creative people, including the fabulous Debbie Wallwork and the wonderful Tom & Lina, both of which take amazing photos in a relaxed and professional manner equally. 
You can see their work reflected across my blog and I highly rate them both for a romantic or quirky shoot with your friends, family or loved one for a bit of lurrrrved up fun!

Mississippi Love Pie

When nothing else will do, you just want to make a disgustingly calorific pie for dessert, but the usual Lemon Meringue or Bakewell offerings just won't cut it... 
Go for the Snickers Cream Pie from "Not Quite Nigella"... or adapt it to your favourite sweet treat, such as a Honeycomb/Crunchie Pie for example... who cares, so long as it tastes just how you like it?!... 
It's quick, it's easy, no baking involved, just a time to chill in the fridge (The longer it chills, the better is is) to get in the good books this Valentines Day!

Champers With Your Fish & Chips

Yes, believe it or not, certain Champagne or Sparkling Wine is perfect with Fish & Chips. 
After a recent tasting session with Cambridgeshire Wine School at D'Arry's on King Street, Mark taught us that certain Champagne would go perfectly with fish & chips, so save your money on a flashy meal and splash the cash on a half decent bottle instead!
The bubbles cut through the fish and the grease, he showed us how it does this with a bowl of chips at the tasting night, it works, so that's my valentine's supper sorted...
Happy Valentines 
- Whatever you decided on doing this year!

And why not share your ideas, thoughts and what you celebrate 
in a comment below...  

Miss Sue Flay 


  1. There are some great ideas on here. Really like the idea of fish and chips and champers. Thanks for sharing :)