Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Perfect Cup Of Tea - With Alice Ryan

As you well know, I love to geek out about tea & cake and I get more and more intrigued how people prefer their tea with more and more great quality blends on the market. Especially when it comes to your very own tea ceremony, be it in their favorite Cath Kidston or Emma Bridgewater Mug or in their best antique china service, I’m just intrigued as to how people enjoy their own afternoon tea or tea break at work.

You may just go for a mug of PG Tips in a half sleepy daze first thing in the morning (or for an evening brew before bed, ahem!) or you might enjoy the finer things in life, including a good quality loose leaf tea.

I invited the lovely Alice Ryan, a friend of mine as well as the very talented Content Editor of Cambridgeshire Journal Magazine & feature writer for Cambridge Evening News to share her fave way to treat herself to some “Me Time” with her chosen blend here:

Here's how Alice takes her tea...
" I barely go an hour without a cuppa and am not in the least snobby 

about how I take my tea!

 I'll go for a bag in a polystyrene cup if that's all that's on offer.

But my FAVOURITE way to drink tea is this: 


Loose-leaf Rose Pouchong, brewed in a pot and warmed under a cosy, 

drunk from  a chintzy cup and saucer with a slice of lemon drizzle cake on 

the side.

Perfect for a civilised Sunday afternoon... "

Do you take heaps of sugar? 
A sploosh of milk? 
Lemon or Orange in your Earl Grey? 

Or perhaps you have an odd or unusual way of taking your tea (or coffee!),
 come on satisfy my nosey side... how do you take yours?...

Do share your favourite teas and/or ways to enjoy your cuppa in a  
comment below to satisfy my nosey side. 

Who knows? I may even try out your tea rituals myself, so do share your thoughts!

Miss Sue Flay


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